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Year of the Dragon

April 13, 2012 — 11 Comments

This is such an exciting and dynamic time to be alive. Even the sound of this year has an incredible ‘ring’ to it: Twenty-Twelve. And I’m not talking about Mayans or Hollywood disaster movies. I am speaking of simple phonetics. Of enunciation and the way a word sounds as it rolls off your tongue. Twenty-Twelve. I like it.

I have been enjoying a fond anticipation about this year since it rang in. Not sure why. Probably multiple factors at work. The Chinese Zodiac informs us that this is the Year of the Dragon, a powerful sign indeed. Maybe that is part of my zest and energy. Often called the “mightiest” of signs, Dragons characterize traits such as ambition, passion and risk-taking.¬†Tempering the fiery drive of the Dragon’s energy this year is the fact that we are in the elemental Water Dragon in 2012, which helps to calm the Dragon’s fire. This helps us remain open to the point of view of others, and to welcome shared involvement in projects and decisions. Good to remember.

Another factor that is likely at play in my expectation of great things this year is a daily practice of gratitude at last easily ingrained into my morning routine. Remembering to give thanks for my blessings every morning. Conscientiously focusing on gratitude for the daily gifts I am immersed in seems to offer more and more opportunities for thankfulness. Like a water wheel, it keeps coming back to replenish me more.

And finally, another factor for my joyful feelings about this year of 2012 is my decision to move forward here and join the wave of knowledge and sharing on this wonderful World Wide Web. So aptly named, that. Like the web Black Elk wisely spoke of, we are indeed all connected to each other.

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