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Feel free to leave me a note. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, but sometimes replies may take a little while.

I don’t participate with awards or other blogging games, however I always welcome real, actual comments. Thanks for stopping by! Cheers.

Love and Light,

xo Gina


11 responses to Send A Note


    Thought I’d leave the first comment on my new page! Bright blessings to all my kind friends and readers. Your visits and comments mean so much. ~Gina ❤


    Hi Gina, Welcome back to our blogging world. I trust you are well. I’ve missed your posts graced with thoughtful and touching quotes. (I am a huge fan of quotes myself.) Maya Angelou, Wayne Dyer, and Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne) – always wonderful sources of wisdom. Thanks and take care!
    Jeanne (stilladreamer)


      Hello! Hello! Thanks so much for this lovely note Jeanne. It’s wonderful to hear from you. Yes I like to select quotes from the vast variety of teachers who’ve gone before us. SO glad you enjoy. Quotes are where I’m at right now, and I always try to bring them together in a theme. Warm thoughts sent your way! xo Gina


    To all your posts, I say “Amen!”, but today especially I say that to “Just sit and read” Where would we be without the journeys we take through books? Good coffee, a book and me – always a little slice of heaven. Hope you enjoy yours today. 🙂 Thanks! jeanne


      Thank you Jeanne! I agree…. the joyful journeys we take through books are limitless. And with a cuppa coffee or tea? Perfect! Thanks for visiting, and for using my new comment page! Hooray! xo hugs, Gina


    Loving your ‘Difficult Roads” post. These are always good reminders, but some days are needed more than others. 🙂 Different subject. I’m a little confused by this new site format – is there no longer an opportunity to comment on a particular post or am I missing something? Tx and hugs, too! Jeanne


      My sweet friend, please accept my apologies for any confusion with having closed commenting on my posts for now. You’re right – here is where I will do my best to respond promptly (!) to any comments. I cherish your visits and comments. Thanks for being you. Big hugs ❤ Gina


    Okey-doke – thanks for the clarification. 🙂 As for me being me – I’ve thought about it, and in the end, not only is it all I can be, but all I want to be. Other people’s lives and situations do look attractive at times, but in the end, our own paths are always the best ones for us. See you out there on the path! Jeanne


    Thank U 4 visiting my travel blog, Gina … I went to visit your marvelous blog as well … I had all but forgotten about Khalil … thanks 4 reminding me … smiles … Love, cat.


      Hello Cat! How nice of you to notice my likes and come over and visit me! So glad you found Khalil Gibran again. His wisdom is timeless and amazing, isn’t it? And your blog helped me return to Victoria in my mind, and visit Mexico even though I’ve never been yet. Here’s to more visits between us. xo Gina

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