His Love is deeper

01/20/2015 — 6 Comments

“There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.”

-Corrie Ten Boom

[All images sourced from my collection on Pinterest here]

6 responses to His Love is deeper


    Some really good quotes here, Gina. It is tempting to lose faith when the chips are down, so these are good reminders. Have faith! 🙂


    Thank you for this loveliness this morning!! 🙂 🙂 ❤ ❤


    Spiritual hugs always give birth to amazing smiles with their touch of His love! Here is a poem I shared this morning after reading your comment on my blog! Hugs and blessings my dear sister!

    Cradled By His Love

    I counted the many
    Moments where yesterday
    I thought of you

    And as many as there
    Were seconds in a day
    I found it to be so true

    That Lord I thought of
    You every moment and
    No matter the size or way

    I realized it is very
    Special to think of your
    Love throughout my day.


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