A Time To Rest

take a bath copyToday is a good day to relax. Let us set aside moments to relish a bit of nourishing solitude.

How about spending time outdoors, reading some uplifting words, and cherishing a long, soothing soak in a tub.

There’s really nothing quite like laying down amidst warm water to help melt away the stresses of life. That’s where I’m headed and I wish that for you as well. Sometimes we just need to unplug.




“There must be quite a few things a hot bath won’t cure, but I don’t know many of them.”

~ Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar (1963)


“Noble deeds and hot baths are the best cures for depression.”

~ Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle (1948)


old fashioned soap copy“This is what the Sabbath is for: reverence, rest, renewal, rejuvenation, reassuring rituals, recreation, rejoicing, revelation, remembering how much you have to be grateful for, and saying ‘thank you!’ You can do this in a church, mosque, temple or synagogue, on a walk, while antiquing, sitting in bed propped up on pillows reading something wonderful with a breakfast tray, working the crossword puzzle before a roaring fire, attending a marvelous art exhibition or movie matinee, or listening to opera in the kitchen as you sip sherry and prepare a fabulous feast. What matters is that you do something special that speaks to your soul and that you revel in whatever you do. Your activities on the Sabbath should uplift you and provide enough inspiration to sustain you during the week to come.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy


“Anybody can observe the Sabbath

but making it holy surely takes the rest of the week.”

~ Alice Walker

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

16 thoughts on “A Time To Rest”

  1. I love that claw-footed bathtub Gina! I have a Sunday ritual. I wake up, get my coffee, crawl back into bed and read yours, and the blog posts of others!

    Happy Sunday Gina!
    Diana xo

  2. Not a big fan of baths (because I’d have to clean the tub first) 😉 but reading uplifting books, drinking tea, snuggling with kitties and taking naps, I’m with you there!

  3. Your post is reminder us of things we can neglect.
    Oops! Sorry Gina.
    Not a good choice of words as you are writing about bathing.
    One day at the gym next one recovery.
    I find the ocean soothing on tired muscles.
    Quiet time is important first thing is the morning for me.
    Meditating while the Magpies warble and birds sing.
    The Alice Walker quote is another good one you have introduced me to.
    Enjoy lots of relaxing bathes in 2015 _/\_🐨

    1. Ah Jack.. you make me laugh! Thank you for that. Laughter is healing, and your comments always brighten my day. I must admit I am a bit envious of your ocean access for I do recall it is wonderfully soothing for tired muscles, and for brightening our weary spirit as well. My heart looks forward to my next dip in the ocean and I am blessed and thankful to have spent my childhood near (and in!) the ocean. Thank you for your kind wishes, and I send my warmest wishes to you and yours as well. May 2015 be our best year yet! ❤

      1. Thank you Gina, I smile and laugh a lot.
        But then I have a lot to be joyful about.
        I may actually be causing envoy but believe me I have been handed a few lemons but I always squeeze them and finish up with lemon aid.
        Hope you can squeeze in an ocean swim. 😍🐨

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