Kindred Support


Be with those who “get” you. It’s important!

be with those RUMI

Choose your friends with caution,

Plan your future with purpose, and

Frame your life with faith.

~Thomas Merton

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    Gina, This is so wise. Some people no longer enrich our lives as we grow and evolve. One of the hardest “letting goes” is of those who have been part of our past lives. In my own experience I to take a break from family for a while.
    Choosing who we want to be around is empowering.
    Val x


    Yes ❤ It is hard being around negative people.


    Gina, I love the Rumi and Thomas Merton quotes and feel it would be great to reblog them today. Have a wonderful weekend!


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    Some wise thoughts to consider . . . courtesy of Gina at Professions for Peace


    Great thoughts and glad to be at last catching up here Gina.. xx


    I think this may become a cross stitch project 🙂


    Isn’t this the truth, Gina? Lately I’ve been feeling kind of guilty; I am seeing less and less of two people/friends in my life, but in reality, I’m realizing more and more that they are not really like me. Not in the core of our beings. They care about me and accept me, but don’t really “get” me in some of the ways that are so very intrinsically me. It means finding some new friends – not so easy – but ones that have many more similarities with me, especially on that spiritual/inner awareness level. Life is forever in flux, and I should remember, short.
    Thanks for the reminder. 🙂 Jeanne


    Good reminder Gina keep them coming. _/\_


    Hey Gina,

    Long time, no see. Hope you are okay. I am happy to see you maintaing a beautiful blog here. Hope to catch soon.

    With love,


    I see this is your most recent post. Hope all is well with you and yours.


      This means so much Ray. Especially since I know how busy you are. You kindness here helps give me strength as I struggle to stand and return. Will be over to visit at your great site soon. Hugs! xo G