What Is

billowy morning curtains“It is said that if we want to be truly powerful we need but command what is happening to happen. While there is a humorous note in this advice, there is also a profound wisdom. We are most powerful when we are aligned with the flow of the universe.

dawn sunlit meadow“To deny what is would be like running out on your front lawn in the morning and commanding the sun to reverse direction and set in the east. No matter how strong your wish for this to be so, your chances of succeeding are very slim.

“Our attempts to make life other than it is are just as foolish and ineffectual. To try to change other people to suit us or fight against unchangeable situations is debilitating and useless.

“If something cannot be changed, our most powerful position is to go with it and find a blessing that we could not see when we wanted to be in charge.”

~Alan Cohen, Dare To Be Yourself

“As we learn to meet whatever arises in our body, heart and mind with radical acceptance, we discover a precious freedom.” ~ Tara Brach tarabrach.com/article

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

15 thoughts on “What Is”

  1. This brings to mind something that has been coming to me again and again lately – seems a corollary – the concept of “allowing” vs. “pursuing.” It’s come through spirit guides, Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani and others, and most recently, Garbrielle Bernstein in one of her books , “Miracles Now.”
    Thanks for sharing and adding to this wisdom.

    1. Thank you Jeanne! For this thoughtful comment and for reminding me of additional reads to add to my list. The name of Anita Moorjani keeps being brought to me. Time to do some reading of hers, wouldn’t you say? Currently I cannot seem to get enough of Caroline Myss. Also Thomas Moore, and Alan Cohen as you’ve undoubtedly guessed, are frequent mentors through books.
      Blessings of gratitude for your visit. xo Gina

      1. Hi Gina, I have 2 books of Thomas Moore’s upstairs, waiting to be read – “Care of the Soul” and another. “Miracles Now” was just given to me as a gift, and the timing was perfect. So, as usual, I guess all things in their proper time, eh? Have a wonderful day! Jeanne
        p.s. I dip in and out of “Dying to Be Me” all the time – it takes awhile to get to the meat of what she writes, but when you get there, it is unforgettable.

        1. Hello my friend! I don’t have ‘Miracles Now’ but I can’t get enough of Care of the Soul, and the 6 others of his I have. Mostly the Re-enchantment of Everyday Life, Dark Night’s of the Soul, and The Soul’s Religion. But as I shared Caroline Myss has been getting a lot of my reading time. Isn’t it great how different teachers call to us at different times, just when we need it? We are truly supported in this amazing classroom of Life. And thanks for the book title, now I know what to look for. Hugs always! xo

  2. ” “To try to change other people to suit us or fight against unchangeable situations is debilitating and useless.”……..
    Totally agreed… we can not change another.. and other people can not change us.. It is We who have to want to change.. 🙂
    Much love for you wisdom Gina.. xx

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