Divine Refreshment

Dehydration has been shown to negatively impact people’s moods. Mild dehydration is “associated with confusion, fatigue, and negative moods.” Moderate dehydration symptoms include “lethargy or extreme sleepiness”. [source]

As with dehydration, an early symptom of a weakened spiritual connection is a feeling of listlessness, making us wonder why our zest for life seems to have evaporated. Symptoms similar to dehydration surface when I have been negligent with my prayer and meditation practice. The ‘busyness’ of life and the distractions of pain are excuses I’ve used to allow lapses in my prayer practice. It’s terribly ironic that when I need that grounding connection the most is when I often forget to be still and go within.

Let’s remember to refresh our body and our spirit. As I reach for a glass of water, I also reach within. I bring my glass to set on the table beside my small altar. I close the door, light the candle and have a seat. It is time. God patiently waits while I run around distracted and in pain. At last I notice my spiritual dehydration and take a moment, no – I make the time – to sit down and empty my mind. Calm those thoughts. Observe them and let them dissolve. Feel the deep calm and bubbling-up of love that rises to the surface to fill all of my life, if I will but make the time to actively pursue my connection with God. Once I am quiet enough it feels as though the still small voice within seems to whisper ‘there you are’.

I like to remember this old poem by an unknown author:

Whoso draws near to God one step,

through doubtings dim,

God will advance a mile

in blazing light to him.

(To my women friends and spiritual sisters, we know this is beyond gender. If we will take ‘one step’ God will advance towards us ‘a mile’.)

As healing as a glass of water is for the dehydrated, actively maintaining our spiritual connection nourishes our soul and refreshes our life. Energy and vitality return, bringing a flush of growth in the form of enriched gratitude and renewed awareness of our vast blessings.

Whether you turn to the scriptures or turn towards a walk in the woods, whether you sit to pray at an altar or practice meditative yoga, whatever works to help you feel God’s love surrounding you, do that. Let’s strengthen our relationship with the One who patiently waits. It is we who must make that first step. We must pick up the glass. God is waiting to fill it to overflowing if we but ask. Namaste. Gina

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

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  1. I enjoyed this Gina.. your teaching here is spot on… I too have been out in nature meditating.. and we come home feeling nourished and refreshed.. I hope you are well Gina… and Having a wonderful Day this Mother’s Day in your part of the world..
    Hugs and Blessings Sue xox

    1. What a wonderful synchronicity! I was just now writing a comment on YOUR wonderful post about the spiritual nourishment waiting for us to discover within nature. I adore your Bluebell Wood. Thank you for being You! And Happy Mother’s Day to you. Brightest blessings, Gina ❤

        1. Oh… in March! Hope it was happy. My hubby and I now ARE the oldest ones around, sadly having said goodbye to all our aging parents. And the lads are both travelling but I was never happier to get messages from abroad as I was this past Sunday. Hugs to you always Sue! xo

  2. What a beautiful post!! I was wondering Gina, if you wanted to perhaps look at the post I put up yesterday? That is kind of a way of seeking spiritual nourishment, only in a garden! 🙂 I am so fortunate so that my whole life is dedciated to the spirit of Divine Love, I breathe spiritual air every moment of the day and night, and I don’t need to go to an office or perform some duties that take me away from spirit. I feel so blessed!! 🙂 Thank you for this lovely lovely post! 🙂 Lots of Love to you dearest Gina!

    1. Hello Line! Thank you for sharing your sweetness here, and your delightful blog is always on my blogging rounds. Please know I’ve just been offline for a couple of weeks so I have some catching up to do. I am eager to catch up at your inspiring blog my friend. I look forward to seeing your post from yesterday for sure! Biggest hugs full of love to you dearest Line ❤

  3. Gina this post and Sue Dreamwalkers poem have brought me joy.
    Now I will go and see what love and kindness Line has to share.
    God is a word to describe the inexplicable like the word love it is ambiguous.
    We can only by our unbiased, caring and sharing actions spread peace.

    1. Today’s blogging has been feeling like visiting with one big beautiful family. It always does, but somehow today even more than usual! Am delighted that this brought you joy, like our friends Sue and Line do as well. Your visits always mean so much to me Jack. _/\_

      1. Friends in cyberspace, that has an angelic angelic ring to it.
        I am blessed with good health, good friends and the Force that Obi Ben Kenobi spoke of in the Star Ware movie. _/\_

          1. Fiction is more than entertainment it plants seeds in our mind that can blossom into nourishing sustenance.
            On the other hand some sprout and grow into weeds that strangle the wholesome good.
            You are mindful of this and scatter your joyous words into cyberspace to take root and benefit all.
            Bless you and your household. _/\_

  4. “Let us strengthen our relationship with the One who patiently waits.”

    Yes! It is such a help to remember the “patience” of God, when we are hurtling through our lives.
    Your post not only reminds me of that, but of the wonderful variety of ways I can encounter God. It’s different, not only from person to person, but for each of us at different moments in our journey. Thanks again for all you share and the wonderful insights your trigger for me.

    1. Hello Eileen! Your visits and comments are such a delight. It means so much to me to learn that my posts have a good timing with you.. that they resonate. That’s what I always hope for, that what has touched my heart with a spark of insight will touch another as well. And yes, it’s really helpful for us to remember how many ways we can choose to encounter God (love your phrase there). Thanks my friend. big hugs, Gina

  5. After my crazy hectic few weeks — I definitely appreciate your message this morning — love this thought… proper hydration for our spirits as well as our bodies. — lovely!

    1. Yes life has been crazy-hectic all around. Thanks so much for your encouraging comment letting me know this post offers some cheerful hydration! 🙂 So good to connect again, my wise and artistic friend! ❤

  6. LOVE this! Just last week I came to the realization that I wasn’t giving myself enough time in nature, my place of meditation. It is a thirst for connection, without it I suffer. I promise to drink more!

    1. Haha! Me too. Cheers! Yes being in nature is incredibly restorative. Most definitely a place where I find a closer connection to God. So glad you enjoyed this. Thank you Eliza. xo Hugs, G

  7. This is so funny, Gina! We are totally on the same track for some reason! I was late doing my blog and reading my email so just did one on WATER! Then, I start going through my email and see yours on WATER. Ha! It sings to me even more than it would normally. Love the pictures and sayings! Hugs! Jamie

    1. Hi Jamie!! I love it that we’re both thinking about and discussing water. How cool is that? I can hardly wait to come over and catch up! So glad you enjoyed this post my friend. Hugs, Gina

  8. Isn’t always when we get crazy-busy and overwhelmed that we fail to make the time to center ourselves and find the divine within? Ahhh, yes. I often have to remind myself to drink a lot of water lest I become dehydrated as I am not naturally a thirsty person. I am less likely to omit some sort of daily spiritual practice, but when that crunch comes, when I need it most, is indeed when I have to firmly carve out that space and drink.
    Hope you are well. Take care,

    1. Jeanne my friend, this comment really touches my heart. I too am more likely to miss a glass of water (or three) than miss my spiritual practice, but lately have been observing when I need it most is when I seem to ‘forget’ to keep that connection strong and vibrant with attention. I keep reminding myself of the saying ‘too busy not to pray’ as well as a Zen proverb about needing to meditate every day for 20 minutes, unless one is very busy – then meditate for one hour. Wow! Good advice, don’t you think? Big hugs of gratitude, xo Gina

      1. Hi Gina, That IS good advice, but rarely do I allow myself that much time just for meditation, reflection, journaling. I am currently working on carving time out for myself daily to pursue my dream, because even that can, (and has), become lost in the shuffle at times. It really means a restructuring of how we spend our time and perhaps more importantly, how we think about our time. (Speaking of which, I better get back to my current time commitment – my work! 🙂
        Take care! Jeanne

  9. Oh Gina, how beautiful and my thoughts exactly…being in nature in a balm to my soul and a way of connecting more deeply with the Divine. I so enjoyed this Gina.

    With gratitude

    1. Thank you so much Lucy! Yes I know we share that trait in common. It means a lot to me to receive this delightful comment from you my friend. Big hugs of gratitude for you, xo Gina

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