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I discovered inspirational author and speaker Raymond Charles Barker when I was in my teens and his writings still move me today. These excerpts are from my old, weathered, and deeply cherished hardcover copy of his incredible book ‘The Power Of Decision’ [1968]. These words really resonate with me, today and always, and I hope you enjoy a lift of your heart and a burst of inspiration as well. Namaste. Gina


thoughts make me strong“A great factor in the matter of being unhappy is being bored. Many people are bored and do not even realize it. Check your mind and see if you are bored with your present situation. If so, you had better break it up and fast, for it is negative mental and emotional states that breed unhappiness.

“It is lazy thinking. It is thinking that is uncreative and, if indulged in too long, it becomes destructive. To be bored in today’s world is nonsensical. The whole planet is exploding with interesting ideas, interesting people, and interesting events. Never before has so much music, art, and great entertainment been available. To be bored takes a good deal of doing, and a large segment of the population is doing the doing that causes boredom.

“Creative thinking gives a zest to living and you are a creative thinker when you decide to be one. The feeling that it is great to be alive is a spiritual necessity. It lessens the strains and tensions of routine functioning. It quickens new ideas in consciousness, and alerts the mind to the fascinations that are available to us. It allows no morbidity, no boredom, and no lazy thinking. It prevents us from drifting in the past. It causes us to be today people expecting great things in our tomorrows.”
Raymond Charles Barker, The Power Of Decision


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Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

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  1. Well, if I can be perfectly honest with you I think I have never been bored a moment in my life. I have to much creativity to be bored 🙂 When nothing joyful is happening we must simply create joy ourselves 🙂 At least that is what I believe 🙂

    1. Thank you Line! I agree completely, we can make our own joy. Sometimes though we forget (some of us) and remembering that we can make the decision to change what we are thinking about can be the catalyst that changes our mood, our day, and our life. 🙂

  2. Love your blog 🙂 This is something I was thinking about yesterday at length so really interested to read this. I can be prone to brooding and “lazy thinking” but generally realise when I am doing that and do something to pull myself out of it but I work in mental health and see a small population of people frozen in time, who have given up on themselves with no passion or creative expression of their minds/souls. Just so wounding to one’s self. Thanks for this x

    1. I really appreciate your terrific comment. Yes pulling ourselves out of it is everything. It’s a skill to be worked on and developed with practice, like building a muscle. It’s sad when people become frozen, or like the walking dead, having lost all passion for life. These words from Mr. Barker really resonate because I love how he encourages us to snap out of it, and get excited. About anything! Thanks so much for your visit and comment. 🙂 xo Gina

      1. Yes, it is a skill to be worked on – something I came to realise myself after many years of “frozen” 🙂 That only we can do it for ourselves can be the sad and difficult part because so many don’t realise it is within them to do it.

  3. I was just having this conversation with my teens. Teens, in general, seem to say “I’m bored” FREQUENTLY. Based on years around others, I don’t think it’s just mine. But I honestly never remember feeling that way. Like the passage says, there is just too much in the world that catches my eye. I imagine that must be aggravating, lazy thinking or…?, to feel that, though. I’m grateful I don’t! Hugs! Jamie

    1. Hello Jamie! Yes you and me both. So glad I don’t get bored, but sometimes the spark can fade… and I haven’t even realized I’ve slipped into lazy thinking until I begin to wonder where my usual upbeat energy went. This advice from Mr. Barker helps perk me up and charge me up. It is in anyone’s ability to ‘decide to be happy’ but first we have to acknowledge it and make the changes required. Thanks so much for this great comment my friend. Hugs, Gina

  4. Was Barker affiliated with Ernest Holmes? I’m a fan of SOM – just wondering if you were, too. I love your posts. Such good food for thought!

    1. Thanks Eliza! I’m delighted to offer ‘food for thought’! Yes he was. SOM has some great wisdom. Did you know Louise Hay got her start with it? She’s made a great DVD to enjoy called ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ like the name of her iconic book, and she shares her humble beginnings. Many other great thinkers are interviewed as well as a ‘fictional’ storyline. A truly uplifting view; I think you’d enjoy it!

  5. Inertia of the body and and of the mind saps our energy. Beautiful quotes too reading them empowers me!
    Regards and cheers 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kindness in sharing this wonderful comment Dilip! Indeed inertia saps our energy, and I enjoy your wording there. So glad you enjoyed this post. Cheers to you! 🙂

  6. As always my friend, a brilliant post! It reminds me of the idea to ‘keep moving’, keep creating, keep inspiring, and keep on keeping on! With big hugs my dear Gina, Cher xo

    1. Love that! ‘Keep on keeping on!’ Yes Cher that’s what I was hoping to share: motivation for us to keep going. Let’s gets charged up and maintain that momentum. Thanks so much my friend. Hugs, Gina xo

      1. You are an inspiration to me, my dear Gina! Thank you for being YOU! Sending huge amounts of calm, healing energy your way everyday! Hugs my friend, Cher xo

  7. Thank you Gina for sharing this wisdom. I am never bored but I know people who are.
    The difference to me is an inner spark of creativity and curiosity and enthusiasm!!
    I don’t think its so much about the “doing” … but truly “being” and then expressing yourself from that place.
    Val x

    1. Beautifully put Val! Love your point here about fostering our ‘inner spark of creativity and curiosity and enthusiasm’ and expressing from that place. So true! Thank you so much, and as in your posts your comments bring joy and encourage enlightenment.
      Hugs of gratitude
      Gina xo

  8. Line, Kim and Jamie comments said it for me.
    I can only add, thank you for giving those people, that do have time on their hand , something to think about and the name of a book to read.
    They lack imagination or are just lazy.
    There are too many things available to day young people get confused with all the options and cannot decide and say they are bored.

    1. Hello my friend, thanks for this great comment! Yes I do hope to introduce more to this book which has brought such enthusiastic learning into my life. I was especially amused by his point that ‘in today’s world’ there is no need to be bored since he wrote that decades ago. It’s a timeless point really. Thanks again Jack! Be well. Gina

  9. Hi Gina. I love this post so much. I have gone through periods of boredom in my life…they seem to coincide with feelings of being a victim…which would make sense. If we are not connected to Spirit, and allow ourselves to feel we have no control over random circumstances, then of course we move further away from all creative energy. I think lately I get a very strong desire to create something…anything…when my energy may be starting to slip. First and foremost for me it is connection…to myself, to my soul, to The Universe, to God! Have a beautiful Sunday 🙂 Lorrie

    1. How beautiful Lorrie! Love your point that now you are drawn to creating something – anything – if your energy begins to slip. I feel the same way! I too recognize those low-energy feelings as being a sign of allowing our connection to have weakened, and we can choose to regain our energy as we regain our connection with our Source and a sense of appreciation for all. Bless your heart for all you share. xo Hugs, Gina 🙂

      1. I am so grateful for you! You are such a blessing to me, I find so much in your writing that inspires me to continue with mine. Thank you…Blessitude!! 🙂

  10. Wonderful thoughts Gina… I guess over my life I have been lucky in that I have never found boredom to be a problem.. Being creative helps… Loved your thinking here.. and your own vibrant thoughts as always my friend..
    Love and Light dear Gina..
    xxx Sue

    1. Thank you so much for your (always) encouraging comments Sue! I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Yes I too have never been one to be ‘bored’ per se but my energy can certainly drop. Plummet even if I find myself beginning to worry on things. Dr Barker reminds that I can change it in an instant, and I do! Thanks again my friend, and big happy hugs to you. xox Gina ❤

  11. “Boredom is lazy thinking” YES! You just gave me a wonderful tool for when I fall into that rut.
    One of those things, I knew at some level, but didn’t have words to help me act on it. Hooray for you again.

    1. You have a terrific way of pulling out a particular sentence that I enjoy as well! I love that simple yet powerful point from Barker. It’s an eye-opening concept that we CAN get out of the rut we’ve fallen into. It’s so empowering isn’t it? Hooray and hugs for you Eileen! xo Gina

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