Have Hope

There are nay-sayers and critics to point out everything that’s wrong. Let’s be radical. Let’s point out everything that’s right. Let’s support those who are helping, and be among the helpful ones. Celebrate solutions! Let others focus their negative energy on criticizing problems. We’re too busy on this Earth Day focusing on solutions and ways to help. I for one have to have hope. We continue to improve the ways we live on this incredible planet. Hope helps.

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

21 thoughts on “Have Hope”

  1. I agree, let us change by positivity and not by negativity. I don’t like when they make all those movies and documentaries about the Earth dying and that humans are bad and will be extinct. I mean I know they are trying to scare people into actions, but it frightens me! If I was going to make a documentary about taking care of Mother Earth I would have filmed baby animals playing and having fun, requesting people to take care of them and help them grow, then I would have filmed flowers and blooming trees and butterflies coming out of cocoons and told people to love these things and celebrate their beauty, then I would have filmed snow falling and sunrises and stars twinkling in winter nights, and told people that the world we are living in is a beautiful present to us, it is something that needs to be treasured and cared for and loved. Then I would have filmed animals and plants being so very kind to us, helping us to live and grow, cleaning the air for us to breathe, giving us fruits and vegetables to eat, I would have filmed puppies and kittens and ponies cuddling up to little children, horses saving men from rattle snakes, elephants warning us of floods, monkeys saving baby humans lost in the forest, and dogs helping blind people cross roads. Animals and nature love and protect us, we must do the same back.

    1. I want you to have a camera for filming Line! I agree completely ~ let us create films like you mentioned here. Films that focus on and celebrate the gorgeous beauty and strength of this amazing place and all the beautiful creatures we share this world with. It’s certainly what I focus on! Thank you, always, sweet Line for all the encouragement and joy you share with your posts and your kind comments. Love and light to you my friend. xo Gina

  2. My radical think-outside-the-box mind is saying … what if there is no duality. No positive and negative….
    History shows that sometimes it takes someone to point out what isn’t working to make a difference too. At the time they can appear “negative” but in hindsight they may be wise.
    On the other hand… there is a lot of complaining and people being intentionally hurtful in this world.
    … they are often in pain and have lost hope….
    Sometimes it isn’t as clear as we would like it to be.
    Oops… my non dualism is showing 😉
    Val x

    1. I love it when you display your non-dualism Val! Thanks for this thoughtful comment. Indeed I contemplated that criticism can be constructive, but was more referring to the ‘it’s too late and look at the hopeless damage’ kind of viewpoint. I want to encourage us all to have hope and KNOW that every item we repurpose (and refrain form purchasing in the first place if we don’t really need it) helps add up to make a bigger difference than we may realize. But yes, when we can take a step farther back (and up) we can see that there is no positive.. no negative. It just is. Thank you Val. xo Hugs of gratitude, Gina

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