Be Happy For Earth Day


Nature is superior to our human mistakes. The vastness of her power is beyond our comprehension. One way to celebrate Earth Day, beyond enjoying time outdoors, is to focus on what is working. Certainly let’s take action with conserving energy, purchasing less and repurposing more. But let’s also help with our minds and hearts as we pay attention to what is working. Let’s focus on building the new. Together, with Nature’s awesome power and our opportunities for making a difference, we can fix this. Happy Earth Day! And let’s BE HAPPY for Earth Day. Namaste.

15 responses to Be Happy For Earth Day


    Happy Earth Day to you, dear Gina! Big hugs and blessings, Cher xo


    Really awesome post for Earth Day, Gina. 🙂


    I say, let us love nature with all hearts and souls, the rest will follow naturally 🙂 For when we truly love someone we will not try to break them.


    Happy Earth Day to you too Gina!
    Diana xo


    I couldn’t agree with you more Gina… Happy Earth Day…. Great thoughts dear one.. xox