Where The Happiest People Live


One of my teachers for decades has been author Alan Cohen, and today I’m sharing a special excerpt from his wonderful book A Deep Breath of Life. May you enjoy, and may all of us learn to live from a place of thankfulness and thereby enrich the quality of our lives, and the world. Namaste. Gina

Alan Cohen on gratitude

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    Thank you GIna! I had never heard about this author or the book. Now I must find out more about it! 🙂 Hugs to you! 🙂


      How wonderful! I love that I could introduce him. You have also shared many new writers and quotes with me, my friend. There’s a delightful abundance of inspiration in the world, just waiting to be discovered. Big happy hugs back dear Line! xo Gina


    Sounds fantastic!


    Gratitude practice has totally changed my life for the better. As important to your health as brushing your teeth! 😉


    I agree- I am going to check out this book. thank you for providing some inspiration for today.


    It is so true Gina – thanks for the reminder!
    Diana xo


    Thank you for the inspiration as you always do! Blessings and a hug!