O God, we are one with You. You have made us one with You. You have taught us that if we are open to one another, You dwell in us. Help us to preserve this openness and to fight for it with all our hearts. Help us to realize that there can be no understanding where there is mutual rejection. O God, in accepting one another wholeheartedly, fully, completely, we accept You, and we thank You, and we adore You, and we love You with our whole being, because our being is Your being, our spirit is rooted in Your spirit. Fill us then with love, and let us be bound together with love as we go our diverse ways, united in this one spirit which makes You present in the world, and which makes You witness to the ultimate reality that is love. Love has overcome. Love is victorious. Amen.
~Thomas Merton, his prayer from an informal address delivered in Calcutta, India, October 1968 [source]


Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

12 thoughts on “Interconnectedness”

  1. Such a lovely post Gina!! I adore Thomas Merton’s philosophy, and what a coincidence that he delivered this speech in Calcutta, where I have just moved! That must mean something! aha, a lead! 🙂 And so the treasure hunt begins…hihi! 🙂 Thank you for being a golden rosy light in my life Gina! Lots and lots of Love to you!

    1. Line!! Hooray, you’re all settled in and hooked up again. I totally thought of you when I decided on this incredible quote, from his prayer delivered in Calcutta. I was hoping you’d get to see this soon, and how delightful that here you are – and my first comment on this one. It does mean something; it sure means something to me! Thank YOU for being such a rosy light as well bright heart, in mine and so many others’ lives. And bright blessings in your new home. Love to you! xo Gina

  2. my thoughts always are aligned with your thoughts, but when embracing your words there is always a smile which stays! Thanks for the blessing this morning dearest Gina! May your Sunday be a very beautiful one!

  3. Thanks so much for following me and therefore bringing me to your blog. It’s lovely in every way! And exactly what I needed on a day when I am giving myself the gift of inner reflection and positivity. You have blessed me today!

    1. Hello Kelly! And welcome. I’ve been really enjoying your blog too. That you call yourself a ‘change agent, and a student of life’ resonates with me wonderfully. Here’s to new friendships happily discovered in our blogging world! Cheers, Gina

  4. Really value your gathering quotes affirming our oneness from people from such diverse cultures. Very effective way of affirming that truth. It’s a life changing truth, but one that has to be tended like a delicate flower in the desert.

    1. Eileen my friend, I wish I could give you a hug back for the one I feel you gave me in your comment! Yes, you see the care I put into this post. And your example of the delicate flower in the desert reminds me of Hind’s Feet on High Places. Have you read it? With grateful hugs to you always, Gina

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