Be An Instrument of Peace


“Daily prayer work creates a context for the transformation of who we are and what we do. Every morning we ask to be made new. Every evening we take stock of how well we did this day, where we rose up in glory and where we stumbled and fell. It’s very powerful to go over the events of our day mentally, as honestly as we can. God is not our judge but our Healer.” ~Marianne Williamson, Illuminata

“Rather than calling down Creation to fulfill our needs and desires, we must uplift our needs and desires so that Creation itself may be fulfilled.”

~Ann Mortifee, In Love With The Mystery


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    Lovely as always, dear Gina! The St. Francis of Assisi words are such an incredible source of inspiration. I absolutely love it! Big hugs my dear friend! Cher xo


      Hi Cher! Aren’t they though? I have loved the Prayer of St. Francis for many years and am glad I made time to memorize it. I often recite it when alone in the car or when doing housework. πŸ™‚ Thanks for your cheer of support. Big hugs back! xo Gina


        My Mom had a stitched ‘picture’ of the words when I was a kid. I wonder if she still has it? I’ll have to ask her. It’s lovely and it is wonderful that you have memorized it, bless you, my dear friend!! Big hugs, Cher xo


          wow… that is really awesome. I hope she still has it, and you could take a photo of it to share! Hmm.. how could that get worked in to something about Chicago? πŸ™‚ Blessings to you!


    Dearest Gina,
    Thank you for this wonderful post. I love the prayer of St. Francis and it is always so good to see it again. No more powerful words exist…


      My dear friend, thank you for sharing this kind comment. I agree wholeheartedly, this prayer resonates right down to our bones doesn’t it? One of the most valuable things I ever committed to memory, and it never fails to comfort and inspire me. So glad you enjoyed!
      Love, Gina


    That’s a beautiful prayer by St Frances xo


    What a Blessing you are!!! I am so grateful our paths crossed! Thank you for this glorious post. Love, Amy


    You are such a positive light in the world, Gina. Thank you.


    Hi Gina, wonderful as always! The Peace Prayer is the prayer of my children’s school. I never fail to feel the strength, simplicity and profound depth of this prayer. Always inspiring, as you are Gina.

    With gratitude
    Lucy x


      Hello Lucy! How delightful that this poem is honoured at your children’s school, and that it’s called the Peace Prayer. I love that! It truly inspires peace in our hearts, as we endeavour to ask ‘what can I do to help’ and ‘how can I be a blessings to others’. Beautiful. Thank you so kindly for your encouraging support my friend. It means so much! Love and Light, Gina xo


    Particularly appreciate the reminder to ask to be made new in the morning and to evaluate our responses to grace throughout the day. You always have gifts that fill my need. Grateful, as always. Eileen


      Eileen, you’ve noticed one of my favorite parts of this post… the reminder to ask and evaluate. I’m delighted that there are gifts here. Thank you! Bright blessings of gratitude! G