A Global Family

“From the inception of our country, it has been a mainstay of American consciousness that the fabric of our nation would be woven from the threads of myriad national and ethnic identities. We would be the melting pot of all nations. The vast majority of Americans are descendants of immigrants, yet we often act as though today’s immigrants don’t deserve what we do, that we have something to protect from their encroachment. It seems paradoxical to me that we would brag about our ancestors coming over on the Mayflower, yet condemn someone trying to do the very same thing today.

“Of course there are immigrants who abuse our system, just as there are people born here who abuse our system. The truth is that the majority of today’s immigrants bring with them an infusion of the same values that our ancestors personified, the values America is so sorely lacking. They are people willing to work hard for themselves and their families. Our children do not stand to be corrupted by their values so much as their children stand to be corrupted by ours. The scapegoating of today’s immigrants makes a mockery of the American dream. It is a national immorality when we collectively say no to compassion.” ~Marianne Williamson, Illuminata

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

6 thoughts on “A Global Family”

    1. Well put Diana! And I feel the same way. I taught my sons since they were toddlers that anyone with a strong accent is to be respected because that means they know AT LEAST 2 languages. Love how you pointed out ‘more connecting us’ than otherwise. Lovely! Thanks my friend. xo

  1. I prefer artwork, quilts, nature, and rugs comprised of many colors rather than just a single color. I prefer the same for my life and the people in it. Thank you for the reminder, Gina.

    1. Yes I agree completely and often use the expression that humanity is a beautiful multi-colored tapestry and we are each ‘cut from the same cloth’. Thank you, as always, for your wonderful comment my friend. ~Gina

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