Demonstrate how to be kind

 One of the most helpful things I can do for world peace, is create peace within my own heart. As each of us uncovers and feels ever more peace in everyday life, we are fostering peace everywhere. The same with kindness. Let’s feel kind, to ourselves, and everyone around us. May each of us demonstrate kindness and role model compassion to all those around us. Especially for young people! Honesty, integrity, and morality are the types of characteristics to embody, live from, and celebrate in others. . . not racial, religious, or other differences.

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Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

19 thoughts on “Demonstrate how to be kind”

  1. I love your intolerance pic. I recently had to get in contact with my own intolerances–I am intolerant of intolerance. That’s also it’s own version. It’s all about evolving, isn’t it, and isn’t that just so much fun? Thanks for being in it with me, and for being a gift in my life. I hope you’re watching “Frozen!”

    1. LOL! Hubby has it ready for tomorrow afternoon. Yay! How apropos with the huge icicles on my house right now. Yes I too am intolerant of intolerance, and am the kind to speak up if it happens within my range of sight or hearing. Here I hope to celebrate the positive, how we can (and are!) all making a difference. Hugs to you Jamie xo

  2. oh…excellent!! we all smile in the same language. Indeed we do! I love that photo of what appears to be two boys with their arms around each other.

  3. There is tribe in Africa that I read once do not have a word for ‘hello’. They say instead, “My heart is beautiful for you.”

    Your quote and photos embrace me with the feelings, of, ” My heart is beautiful for you.”

    1. How incredibly beautiful Louise! That is a delightful saying. I am so happy this post helped generate those feelings in your heart, and that you shared them right back here. Hugs all around! xo Gina

  4. Peace starts in our own hearts – how true! Demonstrating kindness is what you and your blog do so beautifully. Hugs from your soul sister, Lorlinda

  5. Inspired by The Book Thief, I moved to the top of my Netflix queue a movie I hadn’t been ready to watch — The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. It’s a tale of a boy in Nazi Germany, whose father is a ranked officer in Hitler’s army and whose family moves closer to a concentration camp than they had anticipated. The boy, bored with being kept so close to home, goes exploring and befriends a boy in “striped pajamas” on the other side of the barbed wire fence. In their innocence, neither really grasps the other’s situation; as you say, no child is born a racist. (The ending is quite chilling, BTW.) Thanks for this post and finding the lovely images.

    1. Bless your heart for your cherished comments my friend, and for sharing about that movie. Wow… sounds powerful, and might be the kind to rip me apart (sensitive little thing that I am) but I really appreciate the reminder about it. These are stories that can change lives to be told, shared, seen, understood. Warm hugs to you Jeanne, and thank you again for your support. xo Gina

  6. oh, yes! creating inner peace is the key to living a life of peace, when in turn, creates more peace! love this!!

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