Perfection is my enemy


On our human level we may at times get tangled up in our erroneous attempts to be ‘perfect’. Striving for perfection usually generates needless stress and ends up weighing us down and dimming our light. I feel this song affirms our Truth, beyond the inevitable scrapes, bruises and dents from life. Beyond perfection, we are, and always will be, magnificent to our Higher Spirit.

While the first words of this song are “At twenty years of age” (and it’s been a long time since I could say that) it speaks to the very core of my heart. I joyously sing along and my ‘inner twenty-year-old’ celebrates this song frequently by enjoying it with a refreshing Dance Break! I hope you will enjoy Francesca’s poetry set to her upbeat music and please feel free to print the lyrics I’ve included.

We are truly uplifted as we acknowledge how loved we are, right here and right now. Our life is safe in God’s hands, and perched on His shoulders how gloriously we can see!

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Thanks to video creator Skylar Petersen! Well done.


Free To Be Me

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    Fantastic post, Gina! And I love the song. Thanks for sharing! In Love & Light, S

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    Gina, I use to try to be perfect all the time and it was draining me, so I stopped trying and decided the only one I had to please first was God, then myself. I learned to love myself and to look at my whole the way God would with spiritual eyes, and I decided that He loved little old imperfectly perfect me! Wonderful message and song dear sister…your hugs always make my day! God bless you always!


      How well put that is Wendell. Isn’t it wonderful when we at last realize that He loves ‘little old imperfectly perfect me’? Love it! Thank you for commenting. Your kind support means so much to me. Blessings, Gina


    Many, many years ago when I was first learning how to quilt I was told the story of the Amish who believed there had to be a mistake in their quilt and if there wasn’t one, they put one in it because none of us will ever be perfect but “God”. Not being a perfectionist so appealed to me that I have known from that day forward that it was okay to not reach perfection, try your best, and be happy with it.


      Your wonderful share here touches my heart. Thank you kindly for sharing this tradition, which is an excellent reminder that nothing (and no one) is perfect – nor do we need to try, regardless of what our culture provokes. Wisdom from quilting! That is a pastime I admire greatly and aim to take a class on. I’d love to learn more. Thank you again Linda. Blessings, Gina


      lindalh: I’ve heard that also and so often need to remind myself of it!


    Perfection…where to begin…? In the middle of course!! I too, used to be a perfectionist…but how brilliant is life when you throw perfection to the wind…AND LIVE!!! Gina, a “perfect” post…and a lovely song 🙂


      I love that Lorrie! ‘In the middle of course!’ 😀 Yes isn’t life bright and freeing once we throw off those perfectionist tendencies! Live life now. Absolutely! hugs, Gina


    Oh I can relate to this post. I am learning to move forward beyond perfection. That’s the only way things happen once we let go and let God. Cute song by the way. Thanks for sharing!


    Great song, great message. Thank you for sharing Gina.


    Ahhh, perfection isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be except that in reality it’s all perfect as it is! Loved the song, Gina. Thanks so much for sharing!


      I love how you put that Cathy! Life really is unfolding perfectly as it is; it’s all in how we look at it! Thanks for the smiles and your always-cherished visit my friend. xo hugs, G


    Amazing! Truly, being ordinary is to be extraordinary because we get to see the beauty in everything. No more pursuits, only a walk on path of truth.


    I recently heard Jessica Ortner say that ‘Perfection is fear’. I found this to be spot on.


    Thanks as always for all you give to us. I think this is a Thomas Moore quote: Do not let the perfect become the enemy of the good.