Glorious Greys

Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty if only we have the eyes to see them. ~John Ruskin

micro snowflakesOn this half way point, this vernal equinox, the planet is poised between black and white, darkness and light, teaching the lesson of the bountiful beauty to be discovered amidst the shades of grey.

“Thank You God for this day.” My daily prayer, a mantra of sorts, is something I say a lot. Often aloud and definitely daily.

Thank You God for this day.

Today where I live it sure doesn’t look or feel like the first day of spring as the calendar indicates. The sky is filled with wet spring snow. Angled sharply with bursts of wind, it stings the face and causes treacherous driving. As I drove the lad to work this morning (the transit service to his work is awful) and the grey sky pelted at the world, all I could see was the beauty. Gorgeous shades of grey.

As you know I believe in practice. Everything gets easier with practice. We have to keep at things, and they will get easier. Because I say Thank You God often, I live mostly in a state of gratitude.

snowy branchDuring today’s commute, all I could see was my blessings. How lucky my son and I are to be travelling safe and warm in this car. I am thankful for excellent tires and the great condition my husband keeps this car in. I give a prayer of thanks for my husband. And just look at all the other good drivers, paying attention and signaling like I do. And the colour, oh the gorgeous shades of grey everywhere! The misty effect the blowing snow gives to the very air as it moves and undulates is breathtakingly beautiful. To actually see the air the way we can with falling snow is really a kind of a miracle.

So rather than view it as awful, and what ‘shouldn’t’ be happening, I feel so much better when I tune into a sense of celebration in my heart for this moment. Now. I am thankful for the beauty and blessings of this life and I feel, at times, like I see priceless, incredible gifts everywhere I look. Joy is contagious and I want you to catch it with me!

See the soft shades of grey and the undulating shapes in the wind-driven snow and sleet. Come back indoors and give thanks for the shelter. Give thanks for scarves. Get back in your car and give thanks for the security of being able to drive somewhere warm, and indeed back home as well. Make some tea and give thanks for that.

lovely shades of greyI’m not saying I don’t wish spring would arrive and get blooming. I’m suggesting that we look for and find the beauty right here, in every moment. Every day is the most beautiful day of the year, up to this point, don’t you agree? We are lucky to be here today, and this is the weather today comes with. I choose to see the beauty now (even if I would rather see blooming bulbs in my gardens).

Do not allow yourself to feel crestfallen if the first day of Spring blows in like a lion, whipping snow around and keeping bulbs and buds sleeping.

Let’s say it aloud together:

Thank You God for this day.

And thank you for the gloriously gorgeous greys.

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In celebrating greys, one of my favourite bloggers came to mind. When I revisited, once again this incredible post reverberated through my soul. If you have seen it already, perhaps visit again. And if not I am certain you will be uplifted and mesmerized by the beauty this talented artist captures. Thank you Sriram. You bless us with your wise poetic heart and skillful eye.

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

19 thoughts on “Glorious Greys”

  1. Gorgeous, indeed! It was dark and rainy at my house, but when I looked out the window, I found myself thinking that the backyard looked softer and more peaceful for it. There was just a hint of green starting to show in the dormant grass. Yes, it’s all about perspective.

    1. How nice that you looked and saw softness and peace. That’s lovely, and so are those hints of green! Perspective truly is everything. Thanks so much for sharing this delightful comment Meg. Cheers! Gina

      1. I also find that one very calming. Historically, it often has been used as a mantra, based on this saying by Julian of Norwich: “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

  2. This is a beautiful post gina…and love this owl…B&w photos…I just love them…and thank you so much for your kind words..:-)

    1. I too love this owl photo. Spectacular. Your skill with B&W photography is certainly a celebration of beauty in greys. Your visit and lovely comment are deeply appreciated, as always my friend. Namaste.

  3. So lovely! Everyday is a good day to enjoy, whether the sun’s shining or not. It’s just another aspect of our dream. Nature’s amazing in a way it creates emotions by colors.

  4. I think it was Dale Carnegie who said ” if you are handed a lemon make a lemonade.”
    I have forgotten who said words to the affect, “Yeaterday is history, tomorrow is a mistry, live in the now.”
    I am sure you will know.
    I was unable to open the links, so wil type them in manually, see how I go.

    1. Jack my friend, it’s too bad the links weren’t working for you! Anyways I hope your online journeys and explorations were not hindered too much. Yes, here’s to making lemonade! Cheers, Gina

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