What Do You See

Faith sees the invisible, believes the impossible, and receives the impossible.

~ Corrie ten Boom

“We can transform our lives by changing the way we think about possibilities. We are prone to picture our future as an extension of our past. But we have no guarantee at all that our future will be anything like our past. The nature of a conscious shift is the release of an old belief system, replacing it with a new and grander one.” ~ Alan Cohen

Today’s Affirmation: I open my mind to the new and the better. I bring my vision to life with faith and action. I live in a universe far grander than I can imagine. Thank you God for this day!

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

22 thoughts on “What Do You See”

  1. Wonderful quotes! This post in this beautiful morning made my day! I love this! Much love sent your way! Please find that and take it away! Thanks dear for sharing this meaningful messages with us!

    1. Julie.. I so wish I could do more for you, but if you can find some comfort here that is a blessing, however small. I’m so glad to read your hands are healing but now the doors are all giving way! May this be opening new passages for ease and joy and pleasure to be welcomed into your life, my dear lady. And your ducklings are doing all they can to cheer you. Especially that favorite one!! 🙂 Hugs of comfort, Gina

      1. I have been facing my demons this week (alcohol etc.) all good – getting there and thanks for your wonderful blog and your support to me!

  2. Outstanding quote by Alan Cohen, Gina. Letting go of old belief systems, I think, is one of the hardest things human beings can do. The tendency is to cling even when it becomes destructive.

    1. Alan Cohen is one of my favourite writers because his inspiration soaks in so easily. Letting go of outdated beliefs is one of the hardest things I’ve had to do and I’d agree – it’s one of the hardest things we can do, but the lightness we feel after growing in consciousness is incredible. May we all do what we can to embrace new, grander belief systems. Thank you Don!

  3. Good morning Gina, how wonderful to embrace a new and grander vision belief system! Something so close to my heart, as you know Gina 😉

    With gratitude
    Lucy :))

    1. Hello my sweet friend, Thank you! I love sharing what inspires me, hoping to inspire others, and your encouragement helps me know I hit the mark! Hugs to you my kindred spirit, far in miles yet so close to my heart. 🙂
      With Love and Light, Gina

  4. Two truisms beautifully illustrated: 1) We are all connected and 2) our thoughts create our realities. Thanks, Gina, for shining the way you do! Hugs! Jamie

  5. “Vision is the art of seeing things that are invisible” is a powerful quote it can have different interpretations with the core remaining the same. When a vision emerges from the depth of our Being it can change the impossible to the possible.

    Thank you for another inspirational post! Regards 🙂

    1. And thank You for another wonderful comment! It’s true, our deepest vision can change the impossible to the possible. Well said! It is essential that we become truly aware of what it is we are looking for, for that is where we are heading.
      Kindest regards and thanks again for your welcomed visit Dilip. 🙂

  6. Beautiful reminders, Gina!
    Potential is the space we find in really being here and connecting to these moments.
    The world seems so different when we fully realize the potential we all have at our fingertips.
    It’s a far grander place than we can imagine indeed! Well said. 🙂

    1. Hello Andrea! Thank you so much for sharing this delightful comment. Your wisdom shines through your words here. I especially enjoy this statement you wrote: “The world seems so different when we fully realize the potential we all have at our fingertips.” Wise words indeed!
      Thanks again. Hugs, Gina

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