Finding Solace

Psalm 27:1
 NIV ~ The Lord is my light and my salvation – whom shall I fear?  The Lord is the stronghold of my life – of whom shall I be afraid?

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“It’s been proven that the thoughts we choose

have everything to do with our emotions.

I can tell you that a commitment to feeling good

can take away a stomach ache, fear, depression, sadness,

anxiety – you name it. Any stress signal is

a way of alerting you to say the five magic words:

I want to feel good.

This is your intention to be tranquil and stress free,

and it’s a way of connecting to spirit.”

Wayne Dyer, Seven Secrets of a Joyful Life

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

25 thoughts on “Finding Solace”

  1. I have just read a lot about this , a bit of Dyer, bit of Tolle, and love Psalm 46. (I have been stressed and I don’t like it) so here I am going fresh into the new week and ” I want to feel good”. Thanks Gina!

    1. Good for you Ute! Yes those are five little but mighty words to combine and live our lives from. So glad this could offer some additional encouragement. May your week become more and more stress-free and amazing. Love, Gina

  2. Hi Gina, a wonderful message of hope, encouragement and peace! Thank you so much Gina for the inspirational message and images.

    with gratitude

    Lucy 🙂

  3. Wow…lovely my sweet friend! It’s a wonderful message of hope peace and encouraging! !! I always love your awesome posts! Have a beautiful wonderful superb amazing and a blessed day dear! Thank you ….Neeky

  4. That is wonderfully said! 🙂 I choose to feel good! I choose to feel loved and I choose to be happy 🙂 Come what may, I will fight for happiness by loving myself, believing in myself and taking care of myself. It is so lovely that you spread all these beautiful messages to us 🙂 Thank you so much! I think many of us spiritual people are very good at taking care of others, but we must not forget to take care of ourselves as well, for if the well runs dry, a lot of people will die of thirst. Thank you for you and your blog!

    1. How wonderful you are for sharing your support and encouragement like warm hugs! Thank you Line. Yes we certainly must fill our own well of well-being, for it is in this way that we are full of love and may overflow into the hearts of others. I aim to live from this place. 😀 Love and Light, Gina

  5. Hi Gina – Forgive me for not responding to your lovely post above, but … I wanted to let you know if you weren’t aware – Dr. Wayne Dyer was on PBS last night with a program based on his new book, “I Can See Clearly Now” and they are repeating it tonight. In my area it will be from 9 pm to midnight tonight. It was just lovely. I hope you get this in time as I know how much you like him, too! Jeanne

    1. JEANNE! Much appreciation sent your way! xox Your reminder came just in time. My DVR was a bit too full and needed some cleaning up (I keep hanging onto nature documentaries, spiritual shows and cooking programs!) but is now all ready to go and catch the repeat performance. Looks like 3 of his daughters are joining him too! I can’t wait! Big happy hugs of gratitude to you my friend. I thank you so much. xo Gina

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