Daily Healing

“Healing is not an overnight process; it is a daily cleansing of pain. It is a daily healing of your life.” ~ Leon Brown

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

16 thoughts on “Daily Healing”

  1. Yes those words are so true Gina… I think like this, if we have not experienced pain of some kind we are not really progressing through life.. For the most profound lessons we learn come from those places of healing… And we are learning lessons every day.. The journey is seeing we Can Heal, once we learn to let go of pain we hang onto… 🙂 Lovely post Gina.. xxx

    1. Such blessings of love and light you share my friend. Thank You! Great truth here, that in growing through painful situations we learn profound lessons. I do celebrate that we can learn withOUT pain as well, but pain occasionally comes and we can remain strong and grow through it. Thank you dear Sue! xo Gina

  2. you are putting out some powerful posts, amiga! anyone who is enduring painful times will feel encouraged here on your site.
    many of my friends are facing the uncertainty of the ocean’s wrath, and i immediately thought of them when i read this.

    1. Thanks so much sweet Lisa, your encouragement brightens my morning! Yes I do hope to offer comfort for anyone going through hard times. I have been there and it really does get better. It will get better! We must hang on to hope. 🙂 Hugs, Gina

  3. So, so very true, Gina, I love these words!
    We all want to believe that if we could “heal” then everything will magically be fixed for good. But as you point out healing requires a daily effort of cleansing our lives.
    A very wise friend recently told me “The gift of internal work is more internal work” I remind myself of that each and every day. It’s an incredible gift to be able to process and allow our healing each and every day.
    Lovely, thank you.

    1. Wow Andrea, thanks for this great comment. And thank you for passing along what your wise friend shared – those are wise words indeed. “More internal work” is a highly worthwhile effort and all of us who embark upon such inner adventures are richly rewarded! If there was a magic wand that could heal us instantly we’d miss out on the depth of wisdom gained through the daily increments of healing. Hugs to you! xo Gina

  4. Gina, another beautiful post and another beautiful reminder. Healing is not a ‘quick fix’ but a daily focus on living life to be healed where we need to heal….Thank you again Gina, your posts are always thought provoking, inspiring and uplifting!

    With gratitude

    1. How wonderful!! Thank you my dear friend, for being uplifting makes my heart sing. 😀 I do hope we all remember that, like a garden, beautifying our lives requires daily tending. It is a loving task to be aware of the quality of our thoughts and foster the most loving, forgiving thoughts and feelings that we possibly can.
      Love and light,

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