Our Golden Scars

golden cracksKintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of repairing a broken bowl with golden seams along the cracks, celebrates the concept that the item is now even more beautiful for having been broken.

Many years ago when I was suffering deeply, a friend and teacher who is a Native American shaman offered me comfort with these words: A broken heart holds more. Five words that brought solace. It was a saying I mulled over, like a new flavor in the mouth, turning it, savoring it, and slowly absorbing it.

As our heart breaks open and heals over the raw exposed areas, it becomes larger. It grows. To me, it is like an island being formed from lava and transforming into a rocky outcropping soon to be covered in greenery and flourishing with life, where none had existed before. Our very woundedness that feels so barren and lifeless actually helps foster new life. New growth will appear where there was no footing for it previously. Now we are larger and we can hold more.

proud of my scars Coelho 400I have been broken. Many times. Now I feel that I am as a beautifully shining vessel, proudly mended. I feel wizened for having survived so much, such hardships I do not mention because they are old and over, but each one felt absolutely near to breaking me. My healed scars are hard-earned trophies, testimony of dark places I have survived and surmounted. I know the valley of the shadow of death, too well, and the view from the mountaintop is all the more cherished for having earned the climb.

It is in our darkest times that, I feel, we are forced to surrender. I was at least. Perhaps those who resist surrendering everything to our Higher Power remain in the valley of the shadow of death for longer than they need to. Or perhaps they keep returning there. I know I did years ago, repeating hurtful behaviors and patterns, finding myself in the same type of painful situations (that dark valley) again and again, until my knees finally hit the ground and I remembered to ask for help.

what I choose to become JungIn the early nineties Marianne Williamson wrote about suffering and learning at last to surrender. Here are excerpts I found comforting during some of my darkest times. May these words help someone today.

“Until your knees finally hit the floor, you’re just playing at life, and on some level you’re scared because you know you’re just playing. For many people, things have to get very bad before there’s a shift. When you truly bottom out, there comes an exhilarating release. You recognize there’s a power in the universe bigger than you are, who can do for you what you can’t do for yourself. All of a sudden, your last resort sounds like a very good idea. How ironic. You spend your whole life resisting the notion that there’s someone out there smarter than you are, and then all of a sudden you’re so relieved to know it’s true. All of a sudden, you’re not too proud to ask for help. That’s what it means to surrender to God.”  ~ Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love

Even though the darker it gets the more alone we feel, we are actually never alone. But it is ourselves who must reach out and ask for help. We must reach for the Light. Let us remember. May we remember to ask for help, may we find strength within for the climb, and may we discover the exquisite beauty of our golden scars.


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Author: Gina Day

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51 thoughts on “Our Golden Scars”

  1. What a beautiful post, Gina. Thank you for all the wisdom it contains. I especially love the quote that begins, “I’m not what happened to me…”


  2. Love the post… That energy must be in the air, I am going to share this with a few friends… Your post says what I want to express to those beautiful friends in a more eloquent way than I would.. Thank you Gina!!! 🙂

  3. This is so beautiful. Sometimes I speak of the sources of past scars matter of factly only to he greeted with horror. I don’t feel that way about the experiences. That’s not to say I savored them while they were in progress, but I savored the strength they helped me build and discover I had. And surrender? That too has taken away the ache of struggling and wasting time wishing certain inevitabilities would not be.

    1. A lovely comment, thank you. Yes it is in the observation of our journeys and all the trials and tribulations along the path that we can ‘savor the strength’ we’ve built. And I like how you wrote that surrendering helped take away the ache. Beautiful. Thank you again for sharing. 🙂 Gina

  4. Dearest Gina:
    This post spoke to me and I thank you for that. I am (very) stubborn and have been resisting getting on my knees but this a very good and powerful reminder. Your posts soothe me- sometimes I wish I could just pick up the phone and call you- that’s how comforting you are!

    1. You are such a sweetheart! This made my big smile burst into a happy laugh. Please feel my big loving hug of gratitude for your very supportive comment. It’s so good to know that the love I put into my posts is felt. You are an angel. Love from Gina

  5. Truly beautiful, Gina ~ I love that you said we’re even more beautiful for having been broken. It’s so very true.
    Sometimes when you sit back and actually look at what life is all about it becomes so blatantly obvious that when the cracks, hurts and breaks stop we seize to be. Right now is the time to feel it, face it, and fall on our knees as Marianne said. Surrendering to life is one of the most absolute ways we can live. It’s not what we do during our lifetime that matters so much as how we do it. Were we here, were we feeling, were we breaking and releasing? All of it is so important, all of it is so necessary and all of it so very dam beautiful.
    This post is such an amazing reminder of how beautiful living really is, as well as those beautiful golden scars we all have.
    Well done, my friend ~

    1. Your cheer of support feels like a kind hug. Thank you Andrea! And you are so right: All of it – this entire life with all the cracks and hurts – it’s all so damn beautiful!! If we aren’t stumbling along, stretching out of our comfort zones, and truly growing – then it’s like we cease to exist. Life becomes stagnant and stale if we try to hide and be too ‘safe’. Hurts happen. Hooray! It means we’re up for the challenge. It means we’re alive.
      Bless your kind heart for your comment my friend. xo Hugs, Gina

      1. Yes, if we’re not actively seeking to grow beyond our comfort zones, we can very easily get stuck in them without even noticing it; and then we look around many years later and realize they weren’t so comfortable after all.

        Great post; I especially liked the volcanic island comparison.

        1. Very well put Meg. It’s so true that after living without risk and within our comfort zones, years later “realize they weren’t so comfortable after all.” I love that. Thanks so much for commenting here, and I’m delighted you enjoyed my volcanic island comparison. Thank you!! 😀

  6. Beautiful sharing, Gina! We are all scarred, scared, & broken in many ways. That’s a part of life. I, too, have been in that darkest of places a few times and calling for help is what saved me. Often I look back on my joys & sorrows, and I realize that every experience, good or bad, has helped make me the broken, beautiful vessel that I am today! Thanks for sharing so poignantly and intimately!
    Namaste! 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I so appreciate your lovely comment. From one beautiful vessel to another, let’s hear it for all the experiences that help carve us into who we are today! Every scar is hard-won and adds to our depth and beauty. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post. Cheers! 😀 Namaste

  7. Thank you Gina..I so needed this today… my heart has broken once more this week and the idea of healing it by filling the cracks with gold is good medicine. I will share it with my family as well.

    1. I am sorry to hear your heart is hurting, but I do hope the love in my post here can offer some help towards healing. Yes let’s visualize filling those cracks with gold. It is good medicine indeed. Warmest wishes and brightest blessings, Gina

      1. Your post absolutely helped. I hope you don’t mind but I have put a link to this post on my blog to share with my family and friends.

  8. So beautiful post! Thank you for sharing this words of wisdom! I love what you said we are even more beautiful after been broken …it’s so true and beautiful! I love that pic …and the quotes too! Awesome! !!it will really help others! You are such a blessing to me and to others! God bless!

  9. who knows where my first comment went, hours ago! internet remains at a snail’s pace…

    i loved this, though now i’m too tired to reconstruct what i’d written! i agree 100 percent w/your thoughts!

    here’s to getting older and gaining wisdom from our disappointments!

    1. Aww it’s too bad the snail’s pace internet gobbled your first comment – it’s frustrating when that happens! Bless your heart for coming back and visiting with another comment. I’m glad you enjoyed this. I was over at your place and shared likes. Loved the pics of birds but the beach destruction makes me so sad. I didn’t know what to comment. Know my prayers are with you Lisa. Hugs, Gina

  10. Gina, your eloquent words bring wisdom to those seeking to heal… You are so right, it isn’t until we hit rock bottom and ask for help as we cry out for help from our creator and his ministries of helpers that we realise we are not alone nor ever have been… But sometimes our journeys have to take us along a lonely path of discovery.. And its been my own experience too that a broken heart expands as the cracks get filled..
    And no matter how many times my own heart as broken, I can always see someone else’s heart in worse shape than mine.. So we give a little piece of it in compassion and our hearts swell even more..

    Living from the heart teaches us many lessons upon our road.. My heart no doubt will still keep breaking, but I also know its held in good hands, and so is yours my lovely friend.. For our scars have made us who we are today..

    Love and Light…. and thankyou! from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful visits and responses to my posts.. Hugs Sue xox

    1. Sue, this is absolutely lovely my friend. Thank you so much for this eloquent comment! Such wisdom here, as we do travel along “a lonely path of discovery” until the skies clear and we notice there is help all around if we but reach for it. And how amazing, what you wrote, that we do give compassion as we see others’ hearts in worse shape than our own – even if ours are broken – and our hearts swell because of it, accelerating the healing all around. And yes, all our hearts will keep breaking and mending and repeating, won’t they? It is part of this adventure of Life we’re all on. We fare much better as we remember, and keep close, the fact that we ARE in good hands. The best hands. Our Creator knows what S/He is doing, and nothing is wasted.
      Bless your heart dear Sue, for your treasured friendship and all our wonderful visits. Love and hugs, Gina xox

      1. Dear Gina, I have read again your words and agree its one of your best pieces of writing.. and you are so right.. we are never alone, but also we must never be afraid to ask… It often only by going through these wounds we heal the hidden scars no one sees…. And we are never given more than we can bare.. I have come to understand no matter how painful.. it has only ever strengthened me to become who I am today… Scars mould us to be better and open our hearts if we allow it too… It may take us a while to mend our broken hearts.. especially as being empathic can leave our hearts open to others feelings… But through compassion and caring we see that our wounds are not just ours alone… We each feel and we each need to embrace our brothers and sisters pain… Only then do we move forward in Oneness….
        Love and light for this wonderful post, you gave me the chance to revisit and comment again..
        Love Sue xox

        1. Sue, you are indeed a true friend in every essence. You never dream of judging, and the chagrin I felt for a moment at being impulsive and not double-checking first that we already shared about this post, dissolves and washes away because of your always accepting kindness. And this additional comment! Like all of the love you generously share Sue, it is filled with light, love, and deep wisdom. With SO much love and appreciation for the soul sister that you are, Gina xox

          1. Gina, I am far from perfect.. believe me… And I can judge as well as the next… but life has taught me through experience.. what we give out we receive back. And I know I have taken up a great deal of your own time today… But your spirit enriches my own… And sometimes I feel my post air on the negative side as I point out the faults of ourselves… But when such souls as your good self encourages my posts I am uplifted greatly…
            My mission in life is driven to make others see that we are all good at heart.. but have been somewhat misguided through our various upbringings and ways of being.. So when we receive comments back that uplift us.. I know how that feels… So I always try to leave positive comments .. Because we are all here trying in our various ways to enlighten the world to become a better place to live.. So my thanks go to you too 🙂 we are indeed Soul Sisters who share a common theme.. That to bring Love and Light, Laughter and wisdom… Thank you Gina.. xox

  11. Gina,
    I loved this post. Every word of it…so true. What a wonderful image of the golden scars – they also evoke an image to me of a rock tumbler. In order to smooth and polish those rocks, they have to be tumbled and turned!

    Namaste, dear friend.


    1. Thank you SO much Cathy! Your encouragement always delights my heart. And yes! It is the tumbling friction of life that polishes us into gems. I love that tumbler metaphor. So good to hear from you my friend.

  12. Gina, this is absolutely beautiful. What a great post! Brokenness is something that I have pondered and believed in as a great equalizer for a while – and I think that from the acceptance and understanding of brokenness, came my belief in considering it all joy. Thank you, my friend! Liz

    1. Thanks so much Liz! I’m delighted this struck a resonating chord with you. Brokenness is a highly underrated tool for inner growth and the achievement of higher levels of joy and peace. I love how you put it: ‘a great equalizer’. Beautiful. Thank you kindly for this wonderful comment dear Liz. hugs, Gina

  13. I love Marianne Williamson, Gina, and have this and another of her books. In fact, I think we’re reading the same books! It certainly is true about scars … without them, we have not truly lived. I may not think much nowadays about what caused them, but I know that each one is like a brand when I walked through some kind of hell. And yet here I am … and here you are … still walking our lives on the other side. And yes, sometimes in those darkest hours is when we forget we can ask for help, and yet our request is always answered once we remember. Even if it isn’t quite the answer we had in mind. 🙂
    Thanks for a lovely post. Jeanne

    1. Hello my friend! Yes I do believe we are enjoying reading the same books. 🙂 I love what you’ve written here. We can hold our heads high and walk through any kind of trauma while wearing our scars like a brand to add to our strength. We can remember, ‘I’ve been through hell and back and I can get through this too’. It’s sadly ironic that when life gets ‘darkest’ we feel isolated and alone, and forget we can ask for help. Here’s to remembering! Thank you so much for your delightful comment Jeanne. Hugs to you my kindred spirit! Gina

  14. How absolutely beautiful Gina and heartfelt and true. I so agree with you that we often forget to ask for help and remember that we will be answered, not always in the way we’d hoped for or expected but the answer will be one of love and light.

    Thank you so much for sharing
    With gratitude

    1. Hello dear Lucy! Yes it is true, a common thread that we all seem to forget to reach out and ask for assistance when we are at our lowest, and feeling the most weak. And like you wrote so eloquently we will be answered and help is right there, but it may not “always in the way we’d hoped for or expected but the answer will be one of love and light.” Beautiful!! Thank you so much my friend for your wise, delightful comment. Hugs, Gina

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