Be Who You Are

02/16/2014 — 8 Comments

“Destiny is a personal adventure. Just as no two snowflakes or fingerprints are alike, every soul comes into this world for a unique purpose. Each of us manifests good according to our own strengths and intentions. Never compare your worth to that of others because you did not accomplish what they did; you were never supposed to be like them. Your highest purpose in life is to be true to yourself. If you honor your personal gifts, intuition, inclinations, and visions, you will fulfill your destiny and serve many others in the process.” ~ Alan Cohen, A Deep Breath of Life

8 responses to Be Who You Are


    I have to meet with someone today who has hurt me very badly – so badly that it has made me question who I am – so this post helps a lot. Thank you.


      Thank Heaven’s I felt inspired to share this particular topic today.. that it could offer some strength. My heart goes out to you, and I know you are strong. You will get through this. Be well. Stay well.


    What a wonderful quote, Gina. I will have to look for Alan Cohen’s work 🙂 ‘Be Who You Are’ is such an important message to us all and I thank you so much for sharing this today.
    With gratitude
    Lucy 🙂

    ps thank you for your kind support also x


      Your kindness truly touches my heart. Thank you so much Lucy. I’m glad this share today resonated with you. And it is my pleasure to offer my support to you as well, my friend. Be well. Stay well. xo Hugs, Gina


    There’s a lot of good advice/food for thought packed into this single paragraph. Each sentence is worthy of its own meditation and contemplation. I’ll be back to read it again and again. We’re all traveling down our own personal road, and how exciting is that!!! Lorlinda


      Thanks for your always-welcomed visit and this wonderful comment Lorlinda. I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, as I wanted to share these messages that bring me great inspiration. Yes these travels are very exciting!! Hugs, Gina


    Beautiful Quotations Gina, as you inspire us to BE… 🙂

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