~Let’s Outgrow Our Past~

In the springtime

go out and observe

the blossoms

on the fruit trees.


The blossoms


of themselves

as the fruit grows.


So too will

the lower self, the false self, the ego,


as the Divine

grows within you.


As taught by Vivakenanda, and shared by Dr. Wayne Dyer on the PBS program ‘Wishes Fulfilled’

The teacher Vivakenanda was asked by his devotees, “How do you do it? How do you access your Higher Self? How do you make this your reality?” He answered with the above example to help us focus on our spiritual growth, knowing whatever is unnecessary to our highest learning will dissolve away like fruit blossoms.

It reminds me of Carl Jung: “Our most important problems cannot be solved. They must be outgrown.” This powerful concept helps retrain how I think, to pay NO attention to the things I don’t like in my life. I’m too busy being focused on where I’m headed. As Ernest Holmes taught, I choose to “Only look at that which you wish to experience.”

When I was single I noticed healthy, loving relationships around me with a smile and a glowing heart, knowing it would one day be my own joy – and now it is. When I allowed an unhealthy substance to take over my life, I prayed for and focused on what it felt like to be a light and carefree non-drinker, and that is my joyful experience of life now.

Every day I continue growing towards who I am becoming. I visualize myself feeling, behaving, and acting peacefully no matter what external events are happening. I certainly have a ways to go, but every slip up [such as yesterday when I was grumpy with my husband when I hadn’t noticed how hungry I’d become] helps strengthen my resolve to focus on calmness and inner peace. To be aware of what pulls me off balance so that I can remain steady. And I fully believe we all get where we’re going by looking forward, and giving zero attention to what we no longer want. Let’s focus on what we DO want, and let the rest fall away like finished fruiting blossoms.

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Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

28 thoughts on “Outgrowing”

  1. Wishes Fulfilled – yes! I read this book and just soaked it in, and return to it periodically. Matter of fact, I scanned one of the last pages which boils it down to the essence of the book in 10 memorable points, the last of which is a poem by Rumi. I believe your lovely Peace Rose is one of my “Likes”, too! Thanks for the reminder of continuing to focus on what we DO want … it can sometime get lost in the daily shuffle. Cheers,

    1. How wonderful to get to enjoy you welcomed visit and comments here too! Thanks for coming over Jeanne, and I’m not surprised you enjoy this book. I see you’re enjoying Shakti Gawain (according to your sidebar) and she’s in this same class of enlightened educators. And I do love my rose as well. My beloved hubby took the photo many years ago when he was in England. It really resonates with me. So great to hear from you at this blog, my friend. Cheers, Gina

  2. Gina, the timing of your words is incredible. I’ve been giving too much energy lately to something I don’t even want. I don’t usually do this [maybe it’s Mercury in retrograde]. I’m not sure but thank you for dropping this brick on my head. I needed it. SS Lorlinda

    1. Oh man! Is Mercury retrograde? I try to pay attention (that darn trickster). I’m so glad this post resonates with you! It is a topic close to my heart as I have a tendency to give energy to what I don’t want, more so in the past. I am learning as well. Looking at what I want and where I want to go, not the reverse. Thanks for this great comment my friend! SS Gina

  3. Last week a retired teacher friend told about getting upset frequently because she can’t remember where she puts things. Her French husband came up with a solution. Whenever she ‘lost” something he would kiss her. A win/win if every I heard one. Viva la France!

  4. A superb post.

    What is that divinity which would expel that false self and ego? To understand that I suppose we need to understand the core of that false self itself. Is it that crying need within us to look better and different from who we actually are? Would that mean that we pretend to be someone else, wear that other person’s mask and in effect give up the control of ‘who are really are’ to that mask?

    As I dwell upon this, I realise that my divinity is the aspects of authenticity and integrity about myself.


    1. A thought provoking comment Shakti.
      Thank you for visiting and for sharing this comment for introspective pondering.
      Indeed let us foster all aspects of inner integrity and authenticity.

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