Our Blossoming Path


“What do we need in order to realize there is a journey to be taken? What do we fear that keeps us from taking it? Go deeper! Find your will. Find your love and your wisdom. Devote yourself to the miracle that is you. Let your own passion be the pressure that turns carbon into crystal. There is no more worthy or miraculous adventure than the journey of unfolding.” ~Ann Mortifee, In Love With The Mystery


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    Oh, the Ann Mortifee quote is absolutely amazing and inspiring! Thank you for sharing! xo


    Perfect timing this was to read today!


    I love the cherry blossom pictures! One of the things I miss about living up North is the emergence of Spring & the beautiful cherry blossoms! So welcome after a long winter. I could break into song & poetry, but I think your Psalm 118 is perfect!


      Thanks Maria – I love fruit tree blossoms immensely! I also live up North and every grey February I enjoy celebrating with colors like pink and purple. Like you mentioned, I too ‘could break into song’ from lovely imagery of spring and thoughts of growth and learning.
      Warm hugs of gratitude, Gina


    I love that quote…makes the hair on my arms stand up. ❤ Thanks Gina!


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    Peace is the journey, not the destination.