Being Grateful

Being Grateful = Being In Love With Your Life

Lately I’ve been observing that as I focus on gratitude my love affair with my own life increases and blossoms. If one can do no more, let us say, or even think ‘I am grateful. I am thankful. I am blessed. I am grateful. I am thankful. I am blessed.’ Repetition is encouraged.

This gorgeous group of artistic images makes my heart sing. From online sources I gathered them together as I pondered Jack Kerouac’s encouragement for us to ‘be in love with’ our own lives, every detail of it. I’ve shared this quote recently with different art because I like returning to themes as I examine a certain topic. . . such as, lately, being in love with our lives.

Love for life blossoms in the present moment as we are grateful for what is going well in our lives. As we contemplate and focus on what we’re already blessed with, we begin to really see. . . blessings are everywhere

Even after the darkest of times the brightness of joy returns, just as spring follows winter and dawn follows night. Every dawn is a beautiful occasion to help us foster gratitude. Enjoy this incredible, brand new morning, waiting with untold opportunities of new and better things. Carpe diem!

© Gina ~Professions for Peace

[Images from Pinterest, Tumblr; original sources could not be found.]

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

47 thoughts on “Being Grateful”

  1. Just beautiful! Ok, so…this morning I woke up really, really early, grabbed myself a coffee and sat down to write tomorrow’s post. It’s called ‘Love your Life!” and it was inspired by a tweet I saw the other day. Hope you’ll check it out. I think you will love the quote! We are SO on the same page with this truth!
    Diana xo

    1. You KNOW I’ll check it out Diana 🙂 I’m a happy follower! I can’t wait to read it, and I love that it’s a concept we’re both thinking about and focusing on. Yay! And I hope to see more and more posts and news about all of us learning to fall in love with our own lives.
      Hugs to you! xo Gina

  2. Phenomenal post, my dear friend. I am nodding, yes, to everything. Oh and the pictures with my favorite color of purple! Gina, it is snowy, blowy, and rather grey here today. However, my mood has just been elevated and for that my friend, I am grateful to YOU! Thank you, Gina! Have a blessed day! Big hugs, Cher xo

    1. Hooray! I’m so glad it brightened your snowy day even as it did my own. Yes it might be grey outside, but I love the color purple. And the color pink too, especially in February. There will be more pinks and hearts coming in the next few days, that’s for sure! But yes – purple. I love it.
      Hugs to you my friend! xo Gina

      1. It completely brightened my day, my dear! Purple is such a spiritual, healing color, and my sweet husband looks for gifts that are purple! I also write with purple ink (it’s a bit on the blue-toned side, but that’s what I write with)! Oh, I am soooo looking forward to more, dear Gina! Thank YOU for spreading the attitude of gratitude!! Yeay!! Big hugs, Cher xo

          1. Truly, I could not ask for a better husband. I am grateful beyond words!

            Did you know that whenever I read your posts I am taken to a place of instant calmness? I cannot recall if I told you this before. Your energy is balanced, and whether you knew this or not, you are in a delightful homeostasis which is what we all strive for, I think!! Hugs to you, my dear friend, Cher xo

    1. Why am I not surprised “Miss Smiles”? Yes Ute, you are a cheerful kind person who shares joy through your lovely posts, so I can see how you love your life. It shines out from you! Hugs, Gina

      1. Gina, for me there is no other way, life is to be enjoyed, otherwise what else is left. I am sure God made us with lots of love in our heart to enjoy life and respect and love for ourself. He gave us enough brains to think about life and gratitude, and he loves us unconditionally. Isn’t that worth celebrating every day? Miss Smiles 😊 like that 💐

  3. Oh Gina, how beautiful! I too love the idea of being in love with our own lives and living our lives with gratitude for what we are already blessed with in this moment 🙂 Such an important and outlook-shifting way of living. Thank you again for the incredible images to go with your amazing words.

    With gratitude
    Lucy 🙂

    1. Lucy, thank you! I love your phrase ‘outlook-shifting’. What a great way to word the shift in perception that happens as we learn to love life with gratitude, in this very moment. And I’m so glad you enjoyed the images too.
      With gratitude for you too!

    1. What a wonderful article, although I’ll return to finish it all. Loved the opening quote: “There is no happiness outside of ourselves” by Bryant McGill. Thanks so much for sharing it along, on this important theme of loving ourselves, our lives, and this moment.
      Happy hugs to you Toby! xo Gina

  4. Gina, this is one of my most favorite quotes. Jack Kerouac is one of my greatest inspirations. And the idea of loving and living our life to the fullest is something I try to hold onto every single day!

    1. She’s spectacular! I’ve printed her off for a frame on my desk – so inspiring is that image to me. OH how I wish I’d kept better track of my travels and journey’s through Pinterest and Facebook over the past couple of years. I’ve compiled quite a folder on my computer but alas my habit of saving records has been slow to follow. 😦 I’m working on keeping much better track, and if/when YOU find out Please let me know and I’ll celebrate the artist here too. 🙂 Hugs xo Gina

      1. Well then, I think I have a little mission! *LOL* It’s just an incredible piece of art. I find it fascinating that artists can ‘see’ these amazing and inspiring images in their minds and transfer it on paper, etc. to share with everyone else! Thank you, Gina! Hugs my dear, Cher xo

        1. Hooray! Cher’s on a mission! Well I’d better help too, and together we’ll find that art again, and find out who made it. Like you said, artists can certainly ‘see’ amazing things. Hugs! xo Gina

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