Better Than Ever

what you can overcome smIn one of his motivational PBS programs, Wayne Dyer shares about a teacher telling him if he really wanted to reach the heights of spiritual enlightenment he was seeking, he would have to leave substances such as alcohol behind.

“The alcoholic years teach us that we are stronger than any substance.” ~ Wayne Dyer

The phase of my life that fed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol is over. I can feel it in every fiber of my being: I made it through! I endeavored to become a nondrinker, and while it may not have been easy or instantaneous, it was a clear intention I held in mind and moved towards.

Understanding the power of counselling, I worked with a trusted mentor to help me heal any underlying issues that may have been contributing to my desire to ‘numb out’. It took longer than I’d hoped, and I had some ‘false starts’ of quitting and resuming, but it caused me no concern. They were only practice runs and I knew I would be a nondrinker.

And then one particular morning it happened. I woke up. I mean I really woke UP. I woke out of the hazy dream of the illusion of my powerlessness and I felt a flowering strength. There was a lightness of my being where a ‘monkey on my back’ used to be. It was gone.

“Our most important problems cannot be solved; they must be outgrown.”

~ Carl Jung

At last I claimed my true power and rose above the sense of weakness that alcohol insisted was my reality. I now choose to not drink alcohol and in my world, it’s a non-issue. I have simply had enough. If an explanation is expected, I tell others I have an allergic reaction to it because I avoid the stigma. Stigmas have emotion, and I give that past error zero attention and no emotion.

master your lifeMind you I will always remember and there will be no ‘slipping’ but there are no ‘white knuckles’ in my peaceful view of life. It is a problem I experienced in the past, and I have risen above it. I have now outgrown it.

I choose to celebrate with grape juice and smoothies; delicious herbal tea blends and well-made lattes. In this way I am really present with my nearest and dearest and every one of the moments that make up this wondrous, beautiful life I am blessed to enjoy. I am free to shine every day, and I do. Thank You God for this day!

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Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

27 thoughts on “Better Than Ever”

    1. Thank YOU so much Cher. Truthfully, I applaud me too 😉 as I do anyone who decides to make their life better – in whatever way… more exercise, less (or no) meat, doing more of what we love, removing those things that add hardships and stress. Enthusiastic applause for all of us! We’re all seekers, and are discovering a better life along the way.
      Warm hugs of grateful friendship for you, dear Cher. xo Gina

      1. The internal fortitude you have is inspiring. I love that you remind us that we are and discovering a better life along the way. Very well put, my dear. It is important for all of us to keep this in mind. Ah yes, the collective consciousness is ever expanding when we are in awareness that we are all in this together. Big hugs my friend, Cher xo

        1. Your words of support are felt like a kind hug! Thank you Cher. I enjoy sharing the things that make me feel good with hopes my ‘share’ will brighten someone else’s heart too. Yes, our collective consciousness grows in love as each one of us learns to deeply love our own life. That’s my favorite topic to read about, blog about, share about… what we love about our lives! Things like friendship 🙂 Big hugs back to you too my friend! xo Gina

          1. Yes, it is a kind hug, my friend! I know that sharing with others truly does make a huge difference not only in us, but in others as well. I know I have a goofy sense of humor, but my main focus is helping, sharing, and kindness. Friendship encompasses all of this, my friend! Big hugs, Cher xo

            1. Cher, everything you DO shines with kindness, especially your sweet Chicago Files. As I recently shared with my friend Rhonda, wisdom is wonderful when served up with laughter. Everything’s better with a light heart! Big hugs back 🙂

              1. Awh, bless! Thank you, Gina! That is so thoughtful of you to say. I agree with what you said to your friend, Rhonda. I honestly feel that we must have humor and laughter to physically and mentally feel better. And how appropriate your words when I tell you that I lead a reading group made up of blind and low-vision folks: our group is called, “Wit and Wisdom”. We share wit and of course, we try to impart wisdom as well. Big hugs, my dear friend! Cher xo

      1. THIS is why I carry a hammer! I’m building too and it is sure a whole lot easier when surrounded by fellow craftsmen, or in this case, craftswomen. Blessing Gina, and carry on…building a better you, a better life, and putting your blueprints here helps all of us keep building. xo

        1. Thank you Rhonda! And your clever writing makes me burst out in a big grin 😀 . Yes we are builders, and we’re growing together. Thanks again for your cheer of support my friend. Hugs to you! xo Gina

  1. I am SO PROUD of you Gina! I love how you talk about a flowering strength. You are a strong and lovely heart that shines so bright. I look forward to your inspiring posts every time. I recently detoxed for about 8 days and I was surprised at how much better I felt. The first two days were hard but I replaced my unhealthy habits with healthy things. You are an inspiration. Smiles and hugs. Xo 😀 k.

    1. Kim, your kindness adds to my blossoming! Thank you my friend. And good for you for detoxing recently. I love how you replaced ‘unhealthy habits with healthy things’ as I am all about focusing on what we DO want and heading in that direction. I used to spend energy on what I didn’t want but luckily I learn the futility of that! So yes let’s replace old, unhealthy things with new vibrantly healthy habits! 😀 Big happy hugs for you! XO Gina

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this Gina. You are an inspiration! I’m sure this piece is meant to be read by many of us – especially those of us wanting to make positive changes for our lives in many and varied ways.
    With gratitude
    Lucy :))

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