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Just as Bill Murray’s character Phil Connors discovers in the movie Groundhog Day, let us remember that happiness is an inside job. For whatever reason this rude, unkind man has been gifted with a repeating day that will not release him until he learns to love his life. Even his striving to ‘get the girl’ must be released and replaced with his development of a love affair with his own life. It’s through growing and caring for others that he, and each of us, finds real happiness.

May we all discover the beauty amidst the imperfections, the joy amongst the hurts, and the abundant bliss waiting to be noticed within the ordinary every day life we live. Let’s open up to the miracle and learn to love our life, today, just the way it is. May this day, and every day, be as a celebration in our hearts.

The Secret To Loving Your Beautiful, Imperfect Life ~by Kate Bratskeir
Bliss. . . relies on just one individual: You. Bliss isn’t a matter of perceiving your life as utopia.  ‘We can’t be Pollyannaish,’ he says. ‘In our lives, things always go wrong. None of us have perfect lives.’  The wonder of bliss, however, is that it prevents the inevitable things that do go wrong from devastating us. When we tap into bliss, things really can shift. To activate the transformational principles of bliss, you have to make tapping into your bliss a daily practice.  But this isn’t as daunting as it seems.  ‘None of this is very hard to do, you just have to do a little bit every day and you can make tremendous progress very quickly,’ the teacher encourages.   [Read more: Huffington Post]


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    1. Thank you so much Kim! Your enthusiasm always brightens my world 🙂 . And isn’t it just awesome when things arrive with perfect timing? I’m delighted this post did that for you. Big hugs, xo Gina

  1. And here we are on the same wave length again, Gina! I’ve SO been thinking about this lately. Last week I was at a spiritual center where I hold a dream circle, came out and had a flat tire. Now, I had to teach a class 40 miles away, and I could have freaked out, but I said to myself, “What a great place to get a flat.” Then, when I went to Costco to get it repaired, I stumbled upon the son of a great friend of mine from 6th grade. We had never met and just synchronistically figured it out. I just smile and think, “How fun is life if we just let it be?” Love your thoughts–always! Hugs! Jamie

    1. What a wonderful example of how gently we can go through life – it’s all about perspective! I love your thought of ‘What a great place to get a flat!’ That is AWESOME. And how your gentleness and going with the flow helped you meet that delightful son of your friend. I love everything about this. Warm, happy, hugs of friendship for you my friend! XO Gina

    1. Thank you Liz, for your supportive comment and kind wishes! What a delightful wish for someone: to have a ‘lovely, soul-filling week’. Bless your heart! I am endeavoring to have just such a week, and may I wish the same for you! Hugs, Gina

    1. How wonderful! I’m so glad my shares resonate with you. I’ve been celebrating how this concept helps increase our happiness levels. It sure works for me! 🙂
      Thank you for visiting and commenting Lorlinda.
      Blessings, Gina

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