What If…?

God is Love. We are each a beautiful, magnificent, multi-dimensional being, whose soul purpose is to expand into love and be love. Be love. And then, what if we realized how powerful we are? May we shine the beautiful, magnificent love of God through our hearts and into the world. May there be peace within our hearts and within the world. Namaste.

god is love 350 soul purpose is to expand into love how powerful you are 350

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Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

4 thoughts on “What If…?”

  1. When I see the “What if …” my mind automatically shifts to the song by Joan Osbourne used as the theme for Joan of Arcadia, “What if God were one of us?” Such a simple and powerful song/idea. Makes you wonder if people really took it to heart if they might not be a little kinder in their daily rounds. Have a wonderful day.

    1. Lovely point Jeanne! I think that is a wonderful song, an important reminder when we are out in the world to be aware that we might be ‘entertaining angels unaware’ (or more). And I really enjoyed that show too. You’ve reminded me of it and I want to see if seasons can be obtained on Amazon or somewhere since it was one of the few truly inspiring programs. Thanks for your visit my friend. Gina

      1. You can get it on Netflix! I rented all the seasons, little by little and just loved it. I loved the family dynamics, the friendships, the boyfriend who always called her Jane, but mostly Joan’s everyday encounters with every kind of person imaginable, always being God. Hope you find and enjoy it!

        1. I keep hearing about Netflix, and need to look into getting it. My eldest son raves about it! I’m happy to learn that show is available, and I thank you so very much Jeanne! Warm hugs to you. xo Gina

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