Who Would You Be

“Go to your highest thought about yourself. Imagine the person you would be if you lived that thought every day. What would you say, do, and think?”  ~Neale Donald Walsch

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“According to the law of dharma, you have a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something you can do better than anyone in the whole world. When you are doing that one thing, you lose track of time. The expression of that talent takes you into timeless awareness.”  ~ Deepak Chopra

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Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

28 thoughts on “Who Would You Be”

      1. It speaks volumes!

        By the way, our “Timmies and Tums” breakfast of champions includes some Fannie May chocolates. They are a must! 🙂 Big hugs, Cher xo

        1. It does.
          And yes! Our gastronomical cross-border adventures are getting father from healthy by the minute! Admittedly fun though. 😀 We’ll just need to schedule some time at a relaxing, healthy spa afterwards 😉 xo

          1. *LOL* Tis true, my friend! Ah, but I have a terrific healthy spa to attend. It’s super relaxing, and they serve the best herbal tea I’ve ever had. I love your description! Fun yes, spa intervention, YES! Cher xo

            1. I knew you’d know of a spa we could enjoy after our girl-time feasting on the best Canadian coffee, the best Chicago pizza.. and then bring on some Fannie May chocolate. Yum! Indulge then detox together. Now that’s friendship! YES! xo Gina

              1. I agree! *LOL* This is ideal justification for our “Breakfast of Champions”; balance is what it’s all about! Detoxing the dark chocolate! 🙂 Cher xo

  1. “When you are doing that one thing, you lose track of time. The expression of that talent takes you into timeless awareness”
    This is so true! I had no idea there was an intellect like Chopra out there acknowledging this. I thought there was something wrong with me when I get in ‘that zone’…thanks for sharing this Gina, I need to let my husband read it. He calls me a pit bull when I’m in that place…little does he know, I’m just doing what is in MY nature to do! 🙂

    1. Hooray! I’m so glad this concept from Chopra rings true in your heart. Yes, tell hubby you’re not being like a pitbull, you’ve lost track of time doing what you love… You’re in timeless awareness. 😉

  2. well i must be doing the right thing when i paint, as time stops.. ahem, last week i burned the hibiscus tea – it has no odor when the water’s boiled out of the pot, but the pot is now a planter!!!!

    make note: never put on tea then resume painting!



    1. Oh you make me laugh!! 😀 Yes, note to self, becoming lost in loving what we’re doing requires an automatic shutoff valve for tea kettles! That or one to help bring us tea when we’re in timeless awareness, if we can be so lucky 😉 . Hugs to you! Gina

        1. Hello again Lisa! Yes, we indeed need those genuine breaks where we step away, sip some tea, clear our thoughts, and then return refreshed. Forget automatic switches, we need to make ourselves ‘switch off’ and take a break at times! Warmest wishes for refreshed & renewed inspiration for all the gorgeous works of art you create. Hugs, Gina xo

    1. I’m so pleased when timing works out to benefit others. I too am praying for guidance and find these quotes and images very supporting. Good reminders as we travel the path! 🙂 Bright blessings to you my friend. Gina

    1. How wonderful! I adore when that happens, when the cues just keep coming. Those nudges help us focus on and pursue those things that make our heart shine. And then we create things, such as your wonderful poetry, that makes everyone around us shine too. I love ripples!
      Thanks so much Sue. xo Love and Light, Gina

  3. Such a lovely choice of quotes. Thanks so much for these. I’m also quite fond of the C.S.Lewis quote – I’ve seen it before, but I am always happy to see it again when I come by, 🙂

    1. Hello Jeanne! How wonderful to enjoy your visit over at this blog. Thanks for visiting and commenting, and I’m glad you enjoyed this post. And yes, that quote by C. S. Lewis is one of my all-time favourites. 🙂

  4. What poignant choices from Neale and Deepak, side by side. My favorite time of day: connecting with my soul, my highest self. After all, what else can show us most clearly why we’re here? Thank you for your always inspiring, beautiful graphics, quotes and thoughts. You light up my world. Hugs! Jamie

    1. Thank you!! As welcome hugs received through your kind comment my friend. It is with great love that I bring my posts together, and I am delighted that you can feel that love. Your kindness brightens my world always! Happy hugs, Gina xo

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    If you believe that everything happens for a reason … then the reason for finding this post is the “unique gift” which I cannot find in myself. Did you find yours? Did you experience timeless awareness?

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