Pray, Believe, Trust, Act

“Pray unceasingly that all denial be stripped from your mind. Pray that something miraculous be born within us all. Give everything you have. Do not wait another day. Lay your hours and intellect, your heart and passion, upon the altar of self-transformation and collective awakening. Begin now: pray, believe, trust and act.” ~Ann Mortifee, In Love With The Mystery

important prayer

Lead me God, to a destiny that outshines my history. I am willing to release my expectations based on the past and know a better future.

I open my mind to the new and the better. I live in a universe far grander than I can imagine. I do my best and leave the rest to God.


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Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

30 thoughts on “Pray, Believe, Trust, Act”

  1. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

    1. Thank you kindly for your welcomed visit Gede Prama! I am delighted that you found this post interesting. 🙂 Yes may ‘true happiness rays’ warm all our hearts. I like how you worded that. It’s lovely! Thank you again for sharing. Namaste. Gina

  2. Prayer is offering our thoughts which are offered up to that ALL powerful force that Divine Energy, That Great Creator.. Prayer circles work… because their collective intentions pull in that divine energy which can heal and bring about positive energy to negative situations…
    I am constantly praying…. and I trust in the power of our hearts… Wonderful posts and I am smiling as I followed a link from Lois’s blog.. to PEACE… and then I come here and you are one and the same…. 🙂 How happy that makes me… Love and Light Dear Peace Giver.. 🙂
    Love Sue xox

    1. My sweet lovely friend Sue! How wonderful that we have connected again here, and there, everywhere! 😀 Yes I too am praying all the time at this point in my life. At last. I cherish the life-giving force and beautiful power of knowing God is my Beloved and I am His dear beloved child. I have discovered an entirely new level of safety to know this in my heart. And yes, prayer circles are incredibly powerful for all – we who are doing the praying and all who receive such blessings. There is an incredible power when ‘two or more’ come together in God’s name, but our loving blogging community is a family who prays together as well, cyber style! All prayer is healing prayer.
      Much Love and Light to you, my sister. xox Love Gina

      1. Love that—- Cyber Style.. 🙂 We each hold a spark of Divine within, and so when we gather together, we do so utilising the power of love .. 🙂 I am so pleased we keep making those ‘Connections’ Gina… Love and blessings Sue xox

  3. I enyoy your thought provoking post.
    Thanks Gina.
    To experience a beautiful gift from naturd give thanks.
    To ignor the wonder and beauty is an insult, to appreciate is a prayer.

      1. In a forest or a quiet place with nature I feel close to a sacred power.
        Sun rise or sun set I am thankful to be alive,
        That is the time the birds sing and I feel like singing also in gratitude.
        You are aware and appreciate and Thank you for your encouraging comment.

    1. I am so sorry to hear you were ill my dear! I had a really rough autumn myself but this is a wonderful new year and I am happy to have come to visit you recently too. May this be a most joyous and health-filled year for you! Hugs, Gina

  4. Couldn’t agree with you more here, Gina. I’m taking this series of classes (ministerial/spiritual) which involves praying/meditating/contemplating about 25 hours per week to do the work. WOW! It’s amazing what happens in all aspects of life when we take the time. What a revelation. Thanks for your always-poignant posts, my friend! Hugs! Jamie

    1. How wonderful that you are taking ministerial-spiritual classes that have you meditating for many hours a week. Once I began a more concentrated practice I too exclaimed WOW with how significantly my life began getting better! We are truly blessed if we simply make an effort to remain ‘tuned in’ to God’s frequency (to coin Alan Cohen’s awesome phrase!).
      Thank you SO much for this delightful and supportive comment my friend. Brightest blessings, Gina

  5. Reblogged this on Teacher as Transformer and commented:
    Every morning, I take a 1/2 hour and pray and meditate in the small chapel we have where I stay in Spokane. Prayer is connected to the word listening. It is a deep listening to one’s self and to what is beyond one’s self. Quite often, insights I had not considered appear at that quiet time that is set aside just to listen deeply in the silences between the words I say.

    1. Thank you Ivon for passing this along on your amazing site! And your words along with it help ignite this reminder for us all to create the space in our lives to get quiet and listen to that still voice within. It brings a peace that helps us sleep, and wake up brightly for a new day.
      Blessings, always, Gina

  6. This is just excellent. Saw it on the reblog at Ivon’s – & excellent reblog it is. Really valuable.

  7. “Do your best and leave the rest to God” how true, but how difficult sometimes…..praying for the grace to live that. Hope your new year is blessed with many graced moments of joy, love, and peace.

    1. Eileen you have a good point – it sounds easy but it can be difficult sometimes, learning to trust and let go. Part of this exciting journey! Thanks so much for visiting and commenting. 🙂 Love and Light to you, Gina

  8. The quiet time before the day begins in which to reflect and pray…so easily said, so difficult to come by. I believe in prayer, I practice it and yet I acknowledge that it is never enough. Why? Because prayer does not so much change things as it changes me, and I am the only one I can change. I know that prayers on the altar before our God benefits others and I am shamed that more of mine do not go up before Him as a sweet heavenly savor. There is no real solution, except to keep trying and longing for the perfection of completion that He promises…that we remain faithful unto death. I have truly enjoyed spending time here on your post. God Bless.

    1. So true, the only one we can change is the one who is doing the praying. Like the saying goes, prayer changes things, starting with the one who prays. Your comment is wise and wonderful, and I thank you Marie for visiting and sharing. God Bless.

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