Look To This Day


space sunrise 500When I was a child I was given a copy of this poem from the ancient Sanskrit ‘Salutation to the Dawn’ on a special bookmark. I cherished it for years. Still to this day these fine words imbue me with optimism. I hope they cheer you as well. May this uplifting salutation brighten all your mornings.
Kalidasa Salutation to the dawn

13 responses to Look To This Day


    it cheered me!! definitely going to save it, thank you!


    the light has come from heaven, the holy spirit is being poured out on the earth, and i have the images to prove it, amen, check the images of the man in the sky on my blog, it’ll move the world to a safer place hopefully, and send fear into the hearts of the evil doers, everywhere, amen


    It is a beautiful poem Gina, one I’ve never seen, thanks for sharing it. What a gift to have recieved in your childhood.
    Diana xo


      Thank you Diana. Yes it was, and started me off on an early start of loving poetry and discovering the joys of optimism πŸ™‚ . I’m so glad I can share it with you!
      Cheers, Gina xo


    beautiful, inspiring words! what a great way to start each day. thank you!


    Very beautiful. Every day I see reminders that today is where it’s at πŸ™‚