Teaching Children Affirmations

baby mirror kissIf we are a parent or have children in our lives as nieces, nephews, students or children of our friends, we have a great opportunity to role-model how doing affirmations helps us to feel better about ourselves.

Self-love nurtures self worth, which is the essential building block for all healthy relationships with others. I believe that a wholesome sense of self worth not only improves people’s lives, it helps save them from unhappy lives. We all need to realize our own worth and to cherish our lives.

On this important topic of doing affirmations for and with children, I am delighted to share two amazing bloggers and the wonderful crafts they have made.

sm GOD MADE YOU Affirmation FeedingSparrows.comSubway art: God Made You

Jamie is a delightful blogger and I encourage you to visit her wonderfully inspiring craft blog.

She writes: “Every gift, every feature, every circumstance in our lives is hand picked especially for us by the Lord.  We need to remind our children of this daily!
“You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”  Psalm 139:13
I am so often drawn to this verse; it helps me to understand that He made me and that I am His.”

Jamie’s helpful photos and text will walk you through how to make an inspiring poster like this for yourself. Or visit her etsy shop and she’ll make one for you! Also, her custom wedding song lyrics would look wonderful in any newlywed couple’s home, both on and long after their big day. Way to go Jamie!

300 affirm I Am - feedingsparrowsI discovered Jamie and her Creative Imperative through the delightful blog at Feeding Sparrows, and specifically this post on making Affirmation Signs. This inspiring mother of three has a wise and generous spirit and writes often about the importance of doing affirmations. There is much to read and enjoy on her blog, even if she hasn’t added a new post in a while. I can certainly relate to how busy life gets, even if my children are no longer young like hers are!

I encourage you to visit her site, especially this post about Why Affirmations. It’s wonderfully well written about why teaching children about doing affirmations is essential to helping raise healthy, happy individuals. Her concluding statement here is amazing:
“I believe it is so important that we teach our children how to ‘choose’ the right thoughts from an early age. Just think of the love and peace we would have all over the world if every child was taught the importance of doing daily, positive, affirmations! They truly can create miracles!”

affirmation_bracelets shoplocket.comBracelets for children by Feeding Sparrows

For every set she sells, one set is given to a non-profit children’s organization! The affirmation bracelets have these affirmations:

  • I am loved. I am brave. I am creative. (red lettering)
  • Every day I get better and better. (orange lettering)
  • Today is the best day ever. (green lettering)
  • Think. speak. be positive. (blue lettering)
  • I am a good friend. (purple lettering)

While I do not know either of these bloggers except for frequent enjoyable visits to their blogs, I offer heartfelt gratitude to both Jamie and Allyson with an encouraging cheer to keep up the good work! All the work you do as you shower your own children with love, and then share about it on your blogs, helps make a huge difference in our world because we all need role models. Thanks for showing some of the ways of how you do it. God bless you.


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16 thoughts on “Teaching Children Affirmations”

  1. You bring such an important message to the blogging world – positive affirmations for children. The majority of adult patients/clients I work with are carrying those messages from childhood that they will never amount to anything, are stupid or ugly or fat or worthless – the list goes on and on, and it is a challenge for them to erase the maladaptive automatic thoughts and replace them with positive affirmation. Well done!

    1. Thank you! Your kind support means so much to me. I do believe this is an important topic and have done many posts about doing all we can to raise healthy, happy, well adjusted children (click my TAG of children and you’ll find quite a few). There is a powerful saying (you’ve likely heard it) that “It is easier to raise a happy child than to repair a broken adult”. The time and care we share with children is worth every moment, every ounce of energy, and the ripples go far out into the world, farther than we will ever see. Thanks again Theresa. Hugs, Gina

  2. How wonderful is this post!?!?! I firmly believe that when we teach our little ones to know & love themselves, they grow up to know & love themselves & others! My art is all about this & my kiddos serve as constant inspiration! Thanks for another fantastic post ! I’ll be checking these posts out, for sure!!!

    1. How wonderful is your comment?! Thank you dear Kyia! I am with you completely in the belief that in teaching our wee ones to know and love themselves, we are helping to raise a new generation that understand and know how to love themselves and others. Every (seemingly) little step ends up making a big difference. Enjoy visiting those lovely blogs! Hugs to you, Gina ♥

  3. Positive affirmations – to affirm, to make firm in one’s mind. What a gift to give children – the knowledge that they are precious and loved and to teach them to love themselves. This is a beautiful post, Gina.

    1. Hi Cathy! Yes it’s true that this is a wonderful gift to give to children… ‘to make firm in one’s mind’ that they are valuable and loved and loveable. I appreciate your kind supportive comments always Cathy! Warm hugs back to you my wise friend, Gina xo

  4. Gina:

    Thanks for this post. Yes, I whole-heartedly agree with teaching our children early about positive affirmations. These are valuable lessons.


  5. Oh, this is just awesome, Gina. I love those bracelets! What a great idea. Thoughts are so powerful and having two teen boys I eat breakfast with each morning, I can tell you they don’t start the day with “positive thoughts.” We just had this conversation this morning about how thoughts grow into things and it’s so important to plant the right ones. As a lightworker who came here to serve children, I love that you have highlighted them with your Gina love and shared the work of these two bloggers who are doing the same. AND, you have the BEST pictures EVER. (Love the baby!) xoJamie

    1. Hi Jamie!! You always make me burst out into a big smile! 😀 Thank you! Aren’t those bracelets incredible? And I’m so glad you’re having those kinds of discussions with your teens. I did that with my teens too and it makes a difference. Realizing that thoughts are things and have incredible influence is an importance concept. An essential concept! What a powerful tool to teach our young ones to use. I choose to think positive thoughts! And what a difference it makes. From one lightworker to another, I thank you for being ‘in’ my life! You are an excellent example of the power of positive affirmations! xo Hugs, Gina

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