Consider Love Notes


“It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” ~ Claude M. Bristol

positive post its mirrorWhile it is genuinely affectionate to slip love-notes into the pockets or lunches of our nearest and dearest, it is truly inspired when we remember to do this for ourselves. ‘Love-notes’ as I like to call them, or Positive Post-it’s, Mirror Affirmations, whatever we name them, are a way to send a message to a deeper part of ourselves.

Just like when we happen across a hidden note sent from a loved one, so too are the notes we leave for ourselves delightful reminders of how truly loveable we really are.

Sure any old hand-written scrap of paper can suffice for a note, but it means so much more when we put some special effort into it, such as selecting a nice paper and carefully using our best handwriting (or a really nice font if we print the note). And this can be an instance when shorter is better. Short and sweet.

Way to GO!
You Light Up My Life.
I’m So Glad You Were Born!
You Make A Big Difference In MY World.
Thank you for all you do. Thank you for being you!

i am enoughPositive and life-affirming statements help spread love and light. Certainly for others and definitely when we send these messages to ourselves! Here are some ideas for messages can we affirm and send to ourselves.

I am enough.
I speak and think positively.
I am thankful for my blessings.
I am calm, relaxed and peaceful.
I am willing to change and grow.
I am deserving of love and kindness.
I enjoy being, feeling and thinking positive.

The most wonderful thing about thinking positive thoughts and feeling positive energy is that it’s self-perpetuating. Just thinking about the ‘bright side’ of every situation (and there is ALWAYS a blessing hidden like a silver lining of that dark cloud) helps to illuminate our hearts so we can ever more easily see the positive.

post it Smile!It’s like a mental ‘muscle’ that requires practice to build up strength and habit. It gets easier the more we practice. So let’s practice thinking positive thoughts, about our life, our situations, the people in our lives, and most especially about how we feel about ourselves. Let’s practice and build that muscle of kindness as we think positive thoughts. And a few little love notes to ourselves can only help.

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    This message has lifted my spirits during a difficult time. Thank you!


    I really love this idea. Someone I knew used to write little positive notes to self. This reminded me so much of them.
    Thank you for the smile. 😀


    So right, and I know it does help reading notes and affirmations like htat every morning. It makes the day and you can start it happily.
    Thank you very much!
    “With every loving thought we catch a ray of sunlight for our heart.”


      Hi Ute! Thank you for this sweet and supportive comment, and for sharing this awesome example of a positive affirmation: “With every loving thought we catch a ray of sunlight for our heart.” That is incredible! Thanks so much, you darling ray of sunshine! 🙂 Hugs, Gina


    This just uplifted my thoughts greatly. Thank you.

    Jumping_Jenny_444 09/25/2013 at 5:36 am

    I have affirmations on my bedroom mirror and they help me out a lot. One day, I even got creative and I wrote some positive affirmations on two paper cranes I made (one affirmation per wing) and taped them to my mirror! 🙂


      That is wonderfully creative! Thanks for sharing about that. What a great idea, to incorporate positive words into origami. I love it! Thank you for sharing this lovely comment Jenny. Hugs, Gina 🙂


    I love that Master Eckhart quote!


    Gina when I write and share what I write, i always first think of God, then my wife and my large spiritual family. God allows us everyday to share the love He pours into our lives each day to many others so they might smile and enjoy the reason why our words are always smiling…which allows us to blossom together each day! You always have that touch of radiance in all you share…hugs and blessings dear sister!


      Wendell, you have blessed my heart with this wonderful comment. Thank you my friend, and indeed we are blossoming together in this wise and wonderfully spiritual blogging family. Hugs and blessings, Gina


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    Peace begins with me as a person and flows outwards. Here are some great ideas to begin the process. The little sticky about remembering to smile is important.


    I LOVE this Gina! Good start to any day……I am now smiling…..***hugs*** XX kimberly


    Thank you for another wonderful post. It inspired me to write more love note to My Beloved and place them where she’ll find them over time.

    I’m grateful that YOU are in my life.



      That’s so sweet Russ, and one of the many ways your marriage stays strong. And why not tuck a couple somewhere just for yourself too? 😉 Thank you for your kind support my friend. I am very thankful that you are in my life too!
      Hugs, Gina


    This is a truly wonderful idea! I love your blog! It is so positive and uplifting. I am so glad to be here. Thanks for this post. I am looking forward to future ones. ~Nancy


    I’ve been wanting to respond to this all day, Gina! I love this–your attention to it and your naming affirmations love notes. So true. I’m taking a class and this week’s assignment is affirmations so your post was right in sync with what’s been on my mind. This is such an important reminder to watch the way we think about ourselves and how powerful that can be. It’s our choice how we use that power, and affirmations are such a healthy choice! Great post! Hugs! Jamie


      How wonderful it is to hear from you! I just love it when something arrives in ‘perfect timing’ like this post did to align with your class. Yes, little Love Notes in the form of Post-it affirmations we leave for ourselves can really help us train our brain to think positively about ourselves, to say nice things about ourselves. Watching the way we think is indeed a powerful and healthy choice. Thanks so much Jamie, for sharing your sunshiny brightness here! Big hugs, Gina


    I am enough! The most powerful words in my life.


    maximum inspiration Gina! Wonderful guidelines for everyone ! Blessings dear!


    Thank you for the pingback! 🙂


    When I look at “I am enough,” I am reminded of something I often hand out to (mostly female) clients:


      Thank you for sharing this link to an older post of yours as I hadn’t travelled that far back before. I love it! All of it is important and powerful, but this really resonates: “You are something of unique and inestimable value.” Thanks again Theresa. You are a gem! xo Gina


    what a wonderful post, my heart is shining..thank you and blessings to all!


    ‘Consider iove notes,’ reminded me of one of my mothers sayings.” If I have anything comming to me now is the time to slip it to me, as I cannot read my tombstone when I am dead.”
    Then i thought how in keeping the self afformations you suggested fitted in with my philosophy.
    Enough, not wanting more than our needs.
    Mindful of the now and appreciative of our blessings.
    Meditation to calm the mind.
    Aware all things are passing and subject to change.
    Karma, if we are loving, kind and respectful we are deserving of the same treatment.
    A note to remind our loved ones and us is a wonderful idea Geana.


      Thank you kindly Jack, for this wonderfully thoughtful comment. Your mother was wise to say ‘now is the time’ for indeed we cannot see our own tombstone. And your points here show you are wise as well. Thank you again. Warm Regards, Gina