HOPE during Natural Disasters


grateful problemsThe silver lining is much harder to see when devastation is blinding us. As we evacuate from our homes and feel helpless, let us remember that faith overcomes fear. Even if you don’t go to church and perhaps don’t consider yourself religious or spiritual, leaning on faith means having a positive expectancy that eventually everything will turn out all right.

It isn’t blindness to focus on what we cannot see. Positive expectancy is a higher sight, gathering strength from knowing things will work out. Things will get better.

faith_is_the_lightI went through painful dental dilemmas and learned about hanging on to faith in the future. Even as it culminated with the extraction of my deep-rooted molar, I breathed through the procedure as best I could while holding knowledge that this too shall pass. I endured the painful needles, pulling, and pain, which required more needles, as I kept thinking “This will be behind me soon! This time tomorrow it will all be a memory. Even in an hour from now – half an hour – it will be over and done with.”

keep your head up Gods soldiersBy focusing on how soon I would be looking back at it all, I found strength. The hole in my gums from the extraction has healed over! I am now safely in the future that I imagined when I was in the middle of that painful procedure.

Losing our homes to disasters like hurricanes, tornados, fires and floods is vastly different from dental pain, but my point is how hanging on to hope and faith helped me immensely. I believe that hope and faith can help us get through anything. Sure, we can still get through it without these characteristics, but with them we soon discover that we feel less exhausted, less frightened, and less alone.

if god brings you to itI choose to focus on the heroes, all the professional and volunteer rescuers who themselves focus on who can be saved and what can be done. A perfect example of an optimist is an emergency worker, striving for life and rescue amidst the ruins. Let us be like that with all our troubles – let’s have faith that it can be saved, that it will work out, that we have the skills and abilities to help remedy this situation.

There is always a silver lining but sometimes our eyes have to clear of tears before we can see it. Focusing inwardly on our strength and our faith in the future can help dry our eyes. Let’s all decide to focus on HOPE: Hang On, Pain Ends.

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

14 thoughts on “HOPE during Natural Disasters”

    1. Hello my friend! Your kindness warms my heart. 🙂 We have flooding that has surpassed the flooding of ’05 that they called the 100-year Flood back then! It’s unprecedented and practically the entire province is in a State of Emergency. And I also feel for those in the south affected by huge fires right now, the flooding in Europe, and tornadoes in Canada and the U.S. so I wanted to write about holding on to hope for us all. Thanks Russ, and luckily my home is on high enough ground that we are okay, except for being blocked in by road/bridge outages and separated from some family, friends, and even hubby’s work! Big hugs of gratitude xo Gina

      1. Thank you for the update, Gina. I’m delighted to hear that you, your loved ones, and your home are safe. It saddens me that so many have lost so much. Please know that you are in my thoughts, and please let me know if there is something I can do for you, my friend. You have my email address and I think you have my phone number (if not, let me know in an email and I’ll give it to you). Please don’t hesitate to use them when you could use some help or need a friend, or just someone who can be a good listener during bad times.

        Big hugs,

        1. Bless your heart my friend! I can hardly find the words to thank you enough. Yes you and I can connect with each other, and I will remember that I can reach out to you for encouragement and support – which means so much. I am blessed to be luckier than many here during these record-breaking floods, and am still in my home. My post is a heartfelt and empathetic reminder that no matter what – we can all get through it. Especially when we are blessed enough to have friends like you. Thank you again, and love from my hubby and I to you and your Beloved.
          In strongest friendship, Gina

  1. news sometimes fails to stretch its fingers down here where i live in the ‘campo’ (farm country) but i have seen many headlines that make me thankful that all is quiet in my life. friends wrote with details about the colorado wildfires – so scary, though i have not read about the flooding. i wondered yesterday about the level of the mississippi river, as a few weeks ago i had read that it was pretty high ‘upriver’….

    volcanoes are belching, earthquakes continue to remind us that our planet is very much alive and always changing. i sometimes think she is trying to buck us off – who would blame her from all that we do to her – from fracking to clearing forests, etc.

    yes, life has a way of making us stronger people. we can always look back and see how we’ve grown wiser and stronger because of difficult lessons. we also realize that no matter how difficult the challenge, there are always others with heavier loads.

    may the sun smile on you through the day, the weekend and your future!


    1. Thank you for this. And I adore how even your welcomed comments are so well written! 🙂 Yes, bucking us off indeed, as we go within to find ever greater resources of strength. Showing us how we can band together and become stronger through everything. Blessings to you and yours down in the campo and warmest gratitude for visiting and sharing this delightful comment. Bless your heart.
      Hugs to you! xo Gina

  2. Hi Gina. It’s good to catch up with your ever-positive, ever-uplifting thoughts. I’ve been spending most of my time away from base for the best part of three months, helping to care for an elderly aunt who’s been hospitalised and seriously ill – so there’s been very little time to keep in touch with you and a few others whose blogs I enjoy. June wasn’t a great month for me either, and like you I was glad to see the end of it. Thanks for the reminder to keep in mind the bigger picture and life’s patterns/cycles, as well as appreciate every day for its pleasures and challenges. G

    1. Hello Gary! I was just thinking about you and in my own ‘catching up time’ am heading over to your blog soon. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been having a rough go of things lately too, but as I know well stepping back a bit and remembering the larger picture offers some comfort. May this new month of July bring brightening skies and hearts as this stage of hard earned lessons and growth gives way to a harvest of happiness and easier times. Oh the wondrous ebb and flow of life! These valleys and mountaintops!
      Thinking of you with kindness, and sending you strength.
      With gratitude for your visits and comments, always, Gina

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