Spring Fever

spring-desktop-wallpaperSpring fever. For many, those two words conjure up thoughts of falling in love. I see these two words as a reignited passion for life! I feel the calling for longer walks, and more moments bird-watching to witness the returning or ‘passing through’ of winged wonders. I find myself cleaning out disorganized closets and emptying sheds. Leftover Easter ham is being cherished down to every last morsel into pasta casseroles and various soups. Windows have been cleaned of their winter grime, and curtains and blinds are fully opened to allow in the fresh spring air.

I am feeling fresh and sprite too as I’m drawn to wearing my brightest colours. My usual choices of blues, greens or browns have been replaced by tops and scarves in purple, pink, yellow and orange. Buying cut-flowers at the store feels like more of a necessity than an extravagance as my spirit longs for growing things. As if to oblige all three of my indoor Christmas Cactus are quickly becoming covered with their spectacular orchid-like blooms, and an African Violet in the front window has more purple than green as it keeps sending up more and more blooms.

Colorful_spring_gardenGarden Floor Plans have been drawn and lists compiled. There are certain perennials that need to be moved, primarily away from the hot sun at the front of the yard facing south, and into the cooler, more shaded area at the back of the yard. Now mind you, the ground is still frozen and only the very toughest plants are starting to show hints of green, so pre-planning is all I can do. Well that and neatening the garden: pulling off the covering mulch and cutting back last year’s dead plant matter. The lovely ladybugs scramble as they are shaken awake. I say Hello and carefully work around them as they hurry away. I send them love and hope they won’t go too far.

When it’s time to take a break and come indoors, the delicious aroma of Lentil-Pea-Ham soup greets me from the slow cooker. Yesterday’s hearty Ham & Corn Chowder was happily devoured by the family. Hopefully today’s soup will be as well received.

I wanted to share a glimpse into my bustling ‘spring fever’ days here in early April, when the mild winds are pushing small white clouds across a bright blue sky. The temperatures are warming through the day and even staying above freezing at night (barely but 2 Celsius is good for me!). So I say Thank You God for another spring day, and thank you to all of you cherished readers for encouraging me to pause a moment and share about my day. May your day be filled with energizing spring breezes and a deep sense of gratitude that wells up and fills your heart to overflowing. Life is Good! Namaste.
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Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

23 thoughts on “Spring Fever”

  1. beautiful Gina…I have got the spring fever too…I am in a good mood …leaving for the hills for a short break..
    thanks for sharing

    1. Hooray! Let’s hear it for good moods! 😀 And your breaks in the woods often result in new treasures on your amazing blog, so another hooray!
      Thank you so much for your visit and kind words here.

  2. Mmmmmmm. Lentil-pea ham? If they don’t eat it, send it to me! And the crock pot–what an amazing invention, yes! Thank you, Gina, for an awesome post, and view into your now. Hugs! Jamie

    1. It turned out AMAZING Jamie! And while not meatless, my household enjoyed it and didn’t seem to notice that only 1 cup of ham joined with lentils & peas helped fill a crockpot and made a hearty meal! Thanks so much for your welcome visit my friend. Happy hugs, Gina

  3. I did enjoy your enthusiasm for Spring… for us we head towards Winter… the bleak colours and bush fires… but it is good for bird and animal photography… yipee ..

  4. Your post just resonates with the joy of rebirth and fresh starts. It’s so hard to stay inside this time of year! Even with my allergies (thank you Claritin) I just have to get time out in it! My new zen is taking a small garden scissors and edging by hand. It’s amazing what you see at Mother Natures level!

    1. Thank you for this delightful comment, and you are obviously a kindred spirit, with your zen activity of trimming with scissors in your garden. I too enjoy getting right down in there and feeling the breath and heartbeat of Mother Nature. Powerfully relaxing and healing. Hugs to you! Gina

  5. Gina, I am abit behind with reading posts, even late though it is a wonderufl post to read. Your spring enthusiasm is addictive, wonderful, as I have not seen much of spring here yet. Love those colourful flowers in your picture! Thank you for your spring in the step!

    1. Hello my dear friend, and thank you for your cheery comment! Yes it is not actually very ‘spring-like’ where I live and is actually brown and snowing today (sigh) but the tough perennials are insisting on turning green and tree buds are swelling, and most of all I can feel it in my heart! So thank YOU for joining me as we bounce along with a ‘spring in our step’! Love, Gina

  6. Haha! I love the witty wisdom often found in the Simpsons! Yes we have turned the corner and are heading into ever increasing abundant growth and abundance. (And gardens will be growing too!) 😀 Abundant hugs for you! Gina

  7. I am touched by your post in a great way…as I have been under the weather for a while, and i am trying to catch up. Your touch of Spring is a healing tonic for me. Much love to you always dear sister! Thanks for the blessing!

    1. May the genuinely loving thoughts of friends from all over, combined with your loving family close at hand, help to restore you quickly to 110% (why stop at 100%?!). Your kind words buoy my spirits to learn that my humble sharings can help lift your energy, for you deserve much love and kindness, dear man.
      All the very best to you, today and always. Your friend, Gina

  8. Hi Gina! Sounds like we both are doing a bit of emerging from the winter blahs! I’m trying to catch up on long lost friends here and so glad to see you are doing well! I’ve missed ya! Cheers! D. ❤

    1. DONNA! Hello dear heart. Yes.. emerging like a fuzzy, groggy, and occasionally grumpy bear. 😉 But spring is coming (albeit slowly up here) and I am brightening! Especially now to hear from you. Thanks so much for reaching out to a fellow awakening bear. We shall resume our visits! Cheers, and hugs! Gina

    1. Bless your kind heart for this comment, and I feel the exact same way about your posts. I’ve been away for a bit and look forward to catching up on your inspiring writings. Hugs, Gina

  9. A sunny day can lift our spirits, a cloudy day can challenge us, we cannot control the weather we must learn to go with the flow of nature. Appreciating all the gifts freely provided in our life. Your post reminds us to spring into action, as always your post shows a wonderful attitude.

    1. Thanks Jack! I completely agree with your statement that we cannot control the weather, and must go with the flow of nature. I feel that way when people speak of the ‘wrath’ or ‘anger’ of nature, but i don’t see it that way. It’s only a massive organism (the planet Earth) having periods of wind, or wet, or cold, or heat, or whatever, but it is not intending to harm us. Just another example of humans mirroring their own feelings onto everything around them. Just sharing some of my thoughts :). Always great to hear from you. Be well. Gina

      1. I appreciate your comments as you are a knowledgeable person and I know nothing but what I have copied from others and I only pass on what have found to be helpful. I also try not to make it too boring.

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