March Forward and Release Grief

springtime crocusIt is the first day of March.

Each minute sweeter than before…

There is a blessing in the air…

~William Wordsworth

The theme of March is the uncovering of faith and courage through the letting go of fear. We have a choice in how we react to the images in our minds. Patience, surrender and the faith that all things work for the best help form the foundation for deep peace of mind. ~Joan Borysenko

rainbow cloudsFour years ago today my mother passed away and left this physical experience. While my heart has felt leaden and heavy about losing her, this year I feel different. I feel a deep peace, even a flutter of joy for my mother and where she is now. I do not experience the same sadness I used to. While I don’t know what happens after we die, I do have a sense of intuition and belief in an afterlife. As a Native American funeral blessing shares, we were never born and we will never die. That part of us which is pure spirit is here always, and I seem to be feeling my mother’s joy.

springtimeThe first of March is a beautiful day, and here in my part of the world the sky is bright blue and the birds are singing. The daylight hours are lengthening and the temperatures are warming. Having crossed the calendar from February to March, even the word itself sounds brighter… one crisp, joyful syllable to describe this bright and early month of the year, as well as the verb form of the word that describes moving forward with confidence and determination.

cosmic sky rainbow colours 400That’s how I see my Mom now. I  see her as a determined soul who chose to march forward in her own destiny and into the unknown of the next level. I see her in a place free from pain and judgment, and surrounded by blissful peace and profoundly unconditional love. I believe she is with me and cheers on everything that brings me closer to the light and loving truth of my being.

cribbage 29 smNow I feel like celebrating this day. I feel like not only is a day of one’s birth to be joyfully acknowledged, but also their death as a transition through a new doorway. I celebrate that my mother is cradled in the embrace of God and as such is immersed in love. I symbolically release brightly coloured balloons for her, and play the upbeat music she loved. Today I will prepare some of the delicious food she taught me to make (like Corn Chowder and tender Pot Roast). And tonight in her honour I’ll enjoy a few games of crib with my husband.

Let’s remember that there’s no need to collapse into deep sadness when we lose a loved one, except of course for the fact that we miss them, but that’s about ourselves. As far as how they are doing… they are pain-free and at peace. And that is most definitely worth celebrating with love!

do-not-stand-grave-Mary Frye[Randomly sourced images]

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

19 thoughts on “March Forward and Release Grief”

  1. Thank you for another wonderfully heart-warming post which shares more of your beautiful spirit, Gina.
    If you, our spouses, and I ever meet in person, I hope we’ll play some crib (we call it Cribbage) together. We have a 29-shaped board like the one pictured in your post.


    1. Hello my dear friend! Yes I often call it cribbage too but wanted to use the word my mom and I usually spoke when talking about playing ‘some crib’. And my 29-board is old and well-used, having been given to me by my mother over 20 years ago! So glad the four of us can look forward to that when we travel to sunny CA.
      Happy hugs, Gina

    1. Dear Ute, my heart goes out to you. I am so pleased that this humble post brought you some measure of comfort. Bless your heart, dear one. And that you have included this in your new award sharing brightens my day. Well YOU always brighten my day 🙂 Much love to you! xo Gina

  2. Wow, Gina, so beautiful and so many feelings on this! First, the colors and images are stunning. I love March –it’s my birthday month, it’s spring, it’s such a time when cycles of season burst forth such beauty and you have captured this here with your imagery. Then there’s the content that rings so true for me on your mother. I started Tuesday Teas with my mother this year feeling for the first time she may not be here forever after the passing of my dad. But you’re right. There’s a feeling of joy we have for the person who’s gone (albeit veiled by our own sadness). It’s confusing to work through at times, but I’m happy you have emerged and are celebrating, my friend. Fantastic post and happy pot roasting! Hugs! Jamie

    1. Jamie, you are such a dear friend! It means so much to get your kind feedback on even the images and colors, as I do put a LOT of time into each of my posts. Being the bright shining spirit that I’ve come to learn that you are, I am not surprised that you are a ‘Spring Baby’! A glorious time of newness and growth. I love how you wrote here about the feeling of joy we have ‘for the person who’s gone (albeit veiled by our own sadness)’… that is beautifully put. And how wonderful that you are sharing Tuesday Teas with your mother! Absolutely lovely, and a tradition more of us could endeavor to begin with those loved ones we are lucky enough to still have in the world. Your bright shining spirit has certainly brightened my heart on this grey snowy morning. 😀 Big Happy Loving Hugs to you, Gina

  3. I wonder if words lead to peace. Or. anything for that matter. Peace exists in its own silence; one is either in touch with it or not.

    All words and actions, without exception, are in the way of our quest and cry for it. For all else comes with an expiry date !

  4. Gina, this is beautiful. Simply beautiful. I’m so glad that you shared it with us. Wow, you really have moved through a lot to “arrive” (though we never really “arrive” right?!) in this place you are right now. This is hope for me. Though my parents are both still living, I have always always had a fear of them dying. Over the years, I have come to terms with this, softened some. So it’s lovely to read about this experience of yours. have you ever read Thich Nhat Hanh’s refection on losing his mother?? I’ll see if i can find it. What you wrote here reminds me of his words too. I know you’d love them. Lisa

    1. Dear Lisa, my sweet friend, thank you for this heart-warming comment. Yes please let me know where he wrote about the loss of his mother… I do need to begin reading his works more earnestly because he is an amazing teacher in our world. I am so glad you still have your parents, and have softened your fear of losing them (although that’s a perfectly understandable fear). But to soften is an important quality – as you often wisely write of. Yes this process for me has been like that.. softening. Going into the flow and feeling the love in everything, and knowing she is in the Light. Thank you so much for your amazing comments Lisa, because they always feel like a loving hug to me: a written hug. You are appreciated and loved! 😀 Gina

  5. Lisa,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience and your uplifting words which have really resonated and helped me gather strength this evening; so grateful to you.

    Take Care,


    1. Hello Laney, and thank you so much for this supportive comment. I do so enjoy when a story feels pulled from within to be shared, and the writing just flows, you know? This recent post is a very special one for me and it means so much that you found it and shared a lovely comment even a month later. And as I’ve been offline for a couple of days and am catching up on some comments this morning, I see that this comment is already followed with you remembering my name is Gina, although I do love the name Lisa too! Thanks again dear heart, and warmest wishes for an inspiring day.
      Hugs, Gina xo

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