Raising Kindness

It’s easier to build a strong child than repair a broken adult.


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14 thoughts on “Raising Kindness

  1. Such wise sayings. But such a hard job raising a child. Especially as parents are imperfect and we’re always beating ourselves up, lowering our own esteem, about what we should have could have done better.

    • It is a very hard job, and we are imperfect. This is exactly why I encourage reaching out to learn from and be encouraged by role models who have more experience. Your excellent comment also reminds me of this review of author Sarah Redcliffe’s book ‘Raising Kids Without Raising Your Voice’: “She helps parents cope with the most challenging aspect of childrearing: their own feelings of helplessness, anxiety and stress”. Yes raising children might be the hardest job in the world. It’s certainly the most important one! Thanks for commenting🙂 Gina

  2. It’s easier to build a strong child than repair a broken adult.


    WOW! This quote has uncanny timing for me. So true and this is something I need to work on with my children. They won’t be broken, but I don’t want them to have the issues I have. THANK YOU!

    • I love when that happens! When we come upon a quote that really resonates for us, and just at the perfect time too. That particular quote REALLY speaks to me too, and is what these posts on parenting lately revolve around for me. These posts are actually my way of responding to school shootings and other atrocities… to see what we all can do to start right at the basics = in every child a healthy self esteem and strong sense of kindness and empathy. I really appreciate your wonderful comment🙂 Thank You!

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