Kids Are Worth It!

February 24, 2013 — 14 Comments

nothing you do for children is wasted 450This post’s title is inspired by the wonderful works of Barbara Coloroso, an inspirational educator on the importance of informed and loving parenting. She has written many acclaimed books on how to become a better parent or educator.

In my on-going celebration of doing all we can to gain skills in becoming better childcare givers, here’s some information, a short video, and books I’ve found helpful in raising happy, kind, well adjusted children. Whether you’re a parent or not, let’s all gain knowledge on how to encourage and support children and teens as they grow into adulthood. This is for us all!

It really does take a village to raise a child and it takes all of us to help build a loving community and a peaceful world. Every single effort is worth it!


Barbara Coloroso is a bestselling author and for the past 38 years an internationally recognized speaker and consultant on parenting, teaching, school discipline, positive school climate, bullying, grieving, nonviolent conflict resolution and restorative justice. She has appeared on Oprah, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and NPR and has been featured in the New York Times, Time, U.S. News & World Report, Newsweek, and other national and international publications. Her uniquely effective parenting and teaching strategies were developed through her years of training in sociology, special education, and philosophy, as well as field-tested through her experiences as a classroom teacher, laboratory school instructor, university instructor, seminar leader, volunteer in Rwanda, and mother of three grown children. Visit
She is the author of four international bestsellers:
“Kids Are Worth It! Raising Resilient, Responsible, Compassionate Kids”
“Parenting Through Crisis: Helping Kids in Times of Loss, Grief and Change”
“The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander: From Pre-School to High School, How Parents and Teachers Can Help Break the Cycle of Violence”
“Just Because It’s Not Wrong Doesn’t Make It Right: From Toddlers to Teens, Teaching Kids to Think and Act Ethically”

Parenting With Passion: Barbara Coloroso talks about the importance of listening to kids.

Here are parenting books I’ve enjoyed and encourage checking out:

kids laughingKids Are Worth It! Raising Resilient, Responsible, Compassionate Kids ~By Barbara Coloroso
This parenting classic is set to teach a new generation of parents the importance of treating kids with dignity and respect. Rejecting the “quick fix” solutions of punishment and reward, Barbara uses everyday family situations ~ from sibling rivalry to teenage rebellion ~ to demonstrate sound strategies for giving children the inner discipline and self-confidence that will help them become responsible, resourceful, resilient, and compassionate adults.

Raise Your Kids Without Raising Your Voice ~By Sarah Radcliffe
This book has become a favourite guide for parents. Radcliffe understands the challenges that parents face in the big and small tasks of raising kids. She offers stress-reduced strategies for gaining children’s cooperation, eliminating the need for anger and criticism. Gentle on both parent and child, these strategies can be easily learned and used by anyone. Her communication tools foster love, acceptance and healthy boundaries. And she helps parents cope with the most challenging aspect of childrearing: their own feelings of helplessness and stress. Simple and effective, this is a great book for any parent. View book on and

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk
~By Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlich
Internationally acclaimed experts on communication between parents and children, Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish offer this bestselling classic with fresh insights and suggestions as well as the authors’ time-tested methods to solve common problems and build foundations for lasting relationships. Enthusiastically praised by parents and professionals around the world, the down-to-earth, respectful approach of Faber and Mazlish makes relationships with children of all ages less stressful and more rewarding. Click to view this book on and

children teach what-life-is-all-aboutWhat Do You Really Want For Your Children?
~By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
If you have children, then you have dreams for them. You want to see them growing up happy, healthy, self-reliant, and confident in themselves and their abilities. But if you’re a typical parent, you’ve wondered if you’ll be able to give them all this. There’s good news: you can. Wayne Dyer shares the wisdom and guidance that have already helped millions of readers take charge of their lives ~ showing how to make all your hopes for your children come true. View on and
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14 responses to Kids Are Worth It!


    Thank you for the resources and reminders, Gina. I like to think kids are worth it. After all, I once was one–and still am in many ways. ;-D! Seriously, our three kids sure turned out to be worth it. And now with grandchildren here and on the way, life just keeps getting better and better.


      I am so happy for you my friend! While my sons are only in their twenties and haven’t settled down yet, I do look forward to grandchildren, God willing 🙂
      Thank you for your visits and comments, always.
      Hugs, Gina


    Sadly, too many people have kids and don’t properly parent; the only involvement is yelling at them or worse, and ignoring their needs completely. It’s 365/24/7 and if you don’t want to do it right, you shouldn’t do it at all. (which is not a popular point of view). I hope your post gets read by those that need to!


      I too hope this idea of seeking advice and learning aids to become a more informed parent reaches out to those who could benefit from it. Too many people still think, well this is how my parents did it and I turned out alright! While that may be true, parenting is such a challenging AND important role it’s really worth the time and effort to learn some skills. Thanks for commenting!


    My sons thank you for this post, Gina. I could use as much advice and guidance about parenting as possible. One of my main goals in life is to raise healthy, happy, compassionate, and empathetic children. My deepest gratitude to you for helping me reach one of my life goals. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


      Hello dear Kozo ~ what a wonderful life goal to work towards! There is no more worthy work than doing all we can to help bring up our children to be fully functioning, thriving and happy adults 😀 They are both very lucky to have you as a father and I know in my heart that they are both incredible people already! I am so happy that you’ve enjoyed this post. Your cheer of support always gives me a burst of energy to keep on going and write about topics dear to my heart. Love and {Hugs} Gina


    Thank you for very beautiful blog and also for the tips. I was really inspired by your words and I am very glad to have come across your post. I will try to find and read the books that you’ve recommended. I would love to live a life that is in perfect harmony with my child. 🙂


      Hello Janet, and Welcome! I am truly touched by your kind comments. I believe raising healthy and well adjusted children and teenagers is worth every effort. I have immensely enjoyed visiting your well made blog and I deeply respect your gift of writing. You have honored me greatly by including a link to this post of mine in your post titled ‘The Price to Pay for Having Children’. I can see we’re on the same wave-length! 😀 Blessings, Gina


    Thank you for this new author. My children are grown but I still enjoy learning about parenting. The more people who understand how to care for children, the better.


      Thanks for this wonderful comment, and yes – even after our children are grown, we can still continue to learn about HOW to help raise children in the kindest and most effective way even if just to offer support and encouragement for any children we may be around (and for grandkids someday).


    Wow, thank you for the great resources! I’m always looking for great parenting books, as children are constantly changing, they allow their parents a great opportunity to keep learning! Love your inspiring words!


      Hello and thanks for this wonderful comment! I really like how you point out that since they are constantly changing, they allow us the great opportunity to keep on learning. Excellent point! Cheers, Gina

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