Happy Birthday to a Warrior for Peace

January 30, 2013 — 10 Comments

I salute and celebrate amazing people who are strong in the face of adversity and show their courageous hearts filled with faith in doing what is right. May their lives forever be a lasting testimony for us all in overcoming obstacles to creating good in the world, and to remember – always – the very real difference that a person of honor and principle can make.

FDR smilingThe first birthday celebration cheer today is for Franklin Delano Roosevelt (January 30, 1882 – April 12, 1945).
I posted an earlier celebration to him at this link. Even though he passed away two decades before I was born, this incredible man and his teachings matter to me. Even though I never knew him, I will always remember him and his beloved wife Anna Eleanor Roosevelt. FDR is a lasting example about the strength of will and what a courageous heart filled with love can accomplish. Happy Birthday FDR! I am so glad you were born on this day!

Biography video of FDR

Click link to enjoy a 5-minute-video of a ‘mini’ biography. Very well made by the program BIOGRAPHY. Note, after this intro/mini-bio is finished, it proceeds into additional video excerpts from the full Biography on FDR, each about 2 minutes.

FDR free people are tough 660

If civilization is to survive FDR


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10 responses to Happy Birthday to a Warrior for Peace


    Wow, Gina. I never knew FDR was such a spokesperson for peace. I erroneously associated him with the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but I can tell by the dates that I was wrong. Amazing quotations. He definitely was a forefather for peace. Thank you for the history lesson. Love, Kozo


      Hi Kozo! Yes the more I researched into his life the more impressed I became. He was a strong hearted individual. I’m trying to remember how it was worded in the Bio… something like after his funeral procession a reporter approached a crying man and asked if he knew FDR. The man replied “No I never knew him, but he knew me.” I think that’s wonderful. Love, Gina


    I love FDR and his way as well as his compassion. He has many great quotes and was especially concerned for the welfare of all. One of the truly great American Presidents and one Beautiful Human Being. Thank you for sharing this post and honoring his Birthday as well as his spirit! 🙂 You are quite a Beautiful Human Being and it is an honor you share your thoughts and heart with us here. Thank you Gina… I am happy to have made you Laugh by the way! :)…


      Hello! Yes FDR was an amazing human being, a person of strength and integrity. I was happy to share a shout-out on his Birthday 🙂 Your comments make me smile and I appreciate your sharing of kindness. And yes, your post about Widgets definitely cracked me up! 😀 Cheers, Gina


    Gina, thank you for filling me in about FDR! I’ve actually always liked him, but I didn’t really know all of this about him! I love the quote about we don’t have to be cruel to be tough. That sooooo resonates with me. I’ve been writing a lot about that lately…if even only in my head!…how there is such power in PEACE and kindness and being vulnerable and listening to our hearts. That goes along with another quote of his…how we know we have to follow the “right path” within us even if no one else is. Love it. Thank you for taking me out of my myopic world and looking at our world leaders! Love, Lisa


      Hello dearest Lisa! I too have to sometimes get out of my own myopic world, and remembering some of the world’s great humanitarian leaders helps me feel inspired to impact more change 🙂 There truly is such power in peace and kindness, you’ve put it perfectly. Someone like the Dalai Lama comes to mind as a person who is filled with love and is very strong because of it. Love, peace, kindness – these are traits of the most powerful kind! Listening with our hearts. Thank you my dear spirit-sister. Your visits and comments genuinely brighten my world. Love, Gina


    Gina, I just saw all of your “buttons” on the right side of the blog! I LOVE them! I love the line “I don’t see any borders, do you?” and that being human…it’s enough! YES! It’s enough to see our connections and to know that each of us desires the same basic things — to love, to be loved, to be healthy, access to good education and medical attention. I love it. You totally make me smile! Love, Lisa


      Thanks for noticing and commenting on them Lisa! These are my absolute favorites, although I’d like to add something about praying for peace too. Yes we must take action and take a stand, AND we can also take a spiritual stand (and inner action) to pray actively for peace. In visualizing it, really seeing it, we can help create it in reality. And yes, being human is enough – we all desire the same basic things! I keep coming back to that as the core of our common desire for peace. Thank you for inspiring my morning! 😉 Love, Gina

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