I Can Choose

~ I can choose to let it define me, or I can choose to leave it behind me. ~

gold in letting go assumptions

live a courageous life

leave it behind me

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

25 thoughts on “I Can Choose”

    1. Hi Cathy! Thank you, I am have a lovely (if somewhat snowed-in!) weekend 🙂 I hope you are as well dear heart. Ooo I too love lupines and love that image! I found some new treasures and added them to the random selection so they do change with each new click, and that adds to the element of surprise!
      Thanks for the visit and comment my friend. Hugs, Gina

  1. I like this post a lot, Gina. As I was reading the last saying, the thought came to me:

    I can choose to let adversity
    Weaken or strengthen me
    The choice is mine
    Every time


  2. I posted on Facebook to share positive affirmation. I needed this today as I struggle with physical challenges that threaten to thwart my outlook on life. It’s my choice on how I deal. Thank you.

    1. So glad this helped, and I will definitely keep you and your smiling Gravatar face close in my prayers and meditation times, sending you light and knowing these challenges will soon be in the past for you. All the very best, Gina

  3. Reblogged this on The Quest for an Abudance in Sunshine and commented:
    This is so true. There’s a post I wrote earlier about how we are defined not just by what we create but what we refuse to destroy.
    There’s a lot to learn from letting go and accepting. Anyways, I’ll talk more about that later on my blog as I share with you some really helpful information.

  4. Thank you SO much my kind friend! It delights and cheers my heart that you can find inspiration and joy here amongst my favorite quotes, images, and offerings. That means the world to me. I am filled with gratitude for you and your kindness 🙂 Isn’t it great how the love we send out just keeps coming back in a wonderful flow of Life? Big Happy Hugs to You! xo ~Gina

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