Returning To Light

Happy Winter Solstice

~Rabindranath Tagore

May this be a tipping point towards increasing light and kindness!

Living in the far north, the winter solstice is an anticipated point of the winter. At long last, the globe begins its return to increasing daylight. I feel my spirits lift for I know this cold, northern hemisphere is on its return trip towards summer, more sunlight, and abundant growth.

For us residing this far north, today the sun is above us for less than 8 hours, from 8:35 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon. This is less than half the time it’s above the horizon on the summer solstice, when it’s up for 16 hours and 33 minutes. I sympathize for those living even farther north. In the extreme north the sun doesn’t rise for a week around the winter solstice, only allowing a faint twilight between 9am and 2pm.

astonishing light beingAs I ponder this earthly return towards the light, I also envision humanity’s spiritual return towards ever greater light within us all. This is a prayerful time for offering not only the light of our hearts during meditation and prayer, but also to share our light within through genuine smiles and acts of kindness.

It needn’t cost a thing as we offer a compliment or a gentle word to a frazzled clerk or shopper. We can anonymously shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk or scrape the ice off their windshield. We can gently offer our arm to a senior traversing an icy parking lot or treacherous section of sidewalk, or our hand to someone who has dropped a bag. We can put up sweet posters on public community boards, offering quotes on hope or faith or joy. Our acts of kindness are only as limited as our imaginations!

I will continue to give thanks for my beeswax candles, Christmas tree lights, and outdoor strings of lights adding cheer and illuminating these long nights. I feel gratitude for the blessings that each day brings, but especially today on the winter solstice. I feel a burgeoning hope! Let us turn our faces towards the light and our hearts will inevitably follow. Let us take even one step of action towards kindness and we become an active part of the tipping point towards greater goodness in the world.


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Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

14 thoughts on “Returning To Light”

  1. I’m always so impressed by how positive you are, Gina, even when things are on the dark side (figuratively and literally!). Like you, I hope humanity can shine a bit brighter and move towards the light. As always, thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts!

  2. I am in Australia, where we are having the long days that you mentioned – but the summer solstice is also special, of course! That song was wonderful, made me smile 🙂

    1. Hello Sara, from Down Under! Yes I was thinking about you all on the other side of the globe and knowing you were having your longest day just as we were having our longest night. Glad you enjoyed my post just the same, and the sweet song 🙂 Thanks for commenting!

  3. SHINE, SHINE, SHINE, GiNA! What lovely ideas and reflections. I especially needed to be reminded of the Hafiz quote today! I feel this tipping point. it’s here. it’s happening. I have seen and felt and sensed the compassion and kindness pouring out after the tragedy of last week. It’s “different” than the others. Even with all the NRA debate etc, there’s something different. People are coming together. People are realizing they can DO something — tangible — and it makes a difference. THANK YOU,. Gina, for the light that you are! Love to you, Lisa

    1. Thank you so much Lisa, my fellow Shining Star 🙂 I too feel very good things happening, as people ARE pulling together, and choosing to focus on hope and what CAN be done. Tears felt and acknowledged now brushed off and faces up, moving towards an ever-brighter future. Thanks so much Lisa, for your support and ongoing inspiration. Much love to you, Gina

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