Why I Love December


candle decorToday as I woke up I smiled, with an inward cheer of “Yay! It’s December!”  This is the day when I begin decorating my home and filling it with light. As I drape strings of lights around, I smile as I ponder how many of the world’s religions have celebrations involving light during our darkest of months.

As a Christian I enjoy having a decorated tree, candle centerpieces, lights in the windows, and special Nativity Scenes displayed for the entire month of December. My neighbours enjoy, among other fun family activities, celebrating Hanukkah with the lighting of the menorah.

Further down the block other neighbours of African heritage light candles to help celebrate Kwanzaa later this month. Muslims share with family, friends, non-Muslims and the poor during Eid Al Adha, which this year was in October, and in January will be celebrating their prophet’s birthday. People of the Hindu faith celebrate Diwali in the late autumn, a celebration mostly known by its common name, the “festival of lights”. And the Chinese New Year in January or February is a festive event filled with fireworks and lanterns. Around the globe we share a bond to come together with loved ones, celebrate with food, and enjoy the warmth and cheer of LIGHT. Therefore, every December I enjoy brightening my home, indoors and out, with some strands of white lights, and several (safely lit) soy candles. Today I decorate!

I send a prayer of love and peace to all. May our hearts be so filled with love that they overflow to light the way to a world shining with peace for everyone.

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

19 thoughts on “Why I Love December”

  1. Thank you for this burst of light at a time of enclosing darkness. The house, candlelit at this time of year, feels, smells, and radiates soft warmth. How can one not feel peaceful and hopeful bathed in such a glow?

    1. I love that! Ever since the band ‘BareNakedLadies’ released their Christmas CD years ago, my family has enjoyed traditional Jewish songs mixed with Christmas songs. Just today I found myself singing ‘I have a little dreidel, I made it out of clay…’ as I was trimming the tree! I celebrate our blending of traditions. Love and Light to you as well. Namaste.

  2. I too love the lights of this month when we adjust to a lack of natural light. I was born December 23 so I was see this as my time of the year even though I don’t enjoy the cold or lack of sunshine but there’s something so cozy and comforting about the light and the celebrations of all the goodness this time of year.

    1. Yes it is a cozy time of the year and the lights can add some much needed brightness. I enjoy how you are a ‘December baby’ also. My best friend has her birthday on December 22nd and we both enjoy this month of December. Thanks so much for your wonderful visit and lovely comment! Blessings, Gina

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