Kindness ~ Pass It On!

Joining in with all the wonderful internet shout-outs going around lately, this video really has to be joyfully seen and shared. So enjoyable! We are one family! Let’s keep the faith.


Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

29 thoughts on “Kindness ~ Pass It On!”

  1. I am so happy that this video is “going viral” ! as it deserves to – I picked it up from a FB friend and posted it on my blog yesterday as well! I love it! With Love and Peace ~ Tomas

    1. Isn’t it a wonderful little film? Thank you for helping share it around. I have watched it a dozen times now because I love the song and the way it is filmed without a break (it’s beautifully done) and I still laugh with bright tears of joy each time I watch it. The power of passing it on! With gratitude to you Tomas, Blessings ~Gina

        1. Yes I am proud of both of us for helping share this important film along. Have you heard about the event of the NYPD officer being caught giving socks and boots to a homeless man recently? I love how it has ‘gone viral’ as these Good News stories need to be shared. We all long for them, and they offer much needed hope. Thank you HeartFlow. You are making a wonderful difference. Namaste.

            1. Hi Tomas, I will happily share it if I find it. I read about it in an online newspaper article, and in that the author mentioned it was first shared at the NYPD website, as the photographer was a retired cop and wanted to congratulate and encourage this behaviour from the people ‘in blue’. Thanks again. Cheers, Gina

  2. Gina, thank you for stopping and liking today’s post. What a wonderful idea your blog is. When I saw the title, I thought it must be a group of people of varied professions, but this is so much more; one person professing their feelings about peace. I look forward to following these professions and learning more about your blog over time.

    Take care,


    1. Hello Ivon! How nice of you to come over here and offer your kind support. Yes, your post on First Nations’ Medicine Wheels really touched me. I have studied the teachings of the First Nations for many years and appreciate your post very much. I look forward to more visits and reading at your wise blog, and am hopeful to offer you some inspirational posts over here as well. Here’s to a new blogging friendship 🙂
      Namaste. ~Gina

  3. There must be something to this. My husband is watching the morning news while I catch up on my emails. A blurb just came on about the policeman in New York who gave shoes to the homeless man. The announcer said, “This act of kindness. . .” and at the same moment I opened your post and read “Kindness.” So today I will move through my day with this word as a guide to my actions. Thanks!

    1. Wow, last night I too saw the story about the NY policeman giving the barefoot man boots and socks, and even helping him put them on. It moved me to happy tears and makes me feel like YES every little thing we do (Ok that was a pretty big thing) ripples out into the world and uplifts other hearts and inspires us all to do the same! I feel like THAT is exactly why it’s ‘going viral’ because the world needs this, we love this, and we can do it too. There had been another YouTube post here but Coca-Cola must have bought the rights and took it down 😦 but it was real footage from around the world caught on street cameras of acts of kindness. All of it was wonderful like a group helping push a car dubbed ‘Nice Gangs’ and someone coming out of a corner store and handing a man sitting on the sidewalk nearby a bag of chips, dubbed ‘Corner Chip Dealers’ or something like that. It was wonderful, and now is likely being made into a Coke Ad (*sigh*) but it still remains as fact: nice things are happening all over, and we can focus on that!
      Cheers, Gina

    1. I know what you mean, I tear up every single time I watch it (which is lots 😉 ) I must say I’d love to attend one of your workshops, if only I didn’t live so far away. A roomful of love, I can just imagine it! Great to hear from you sweet Lisa. Warm hugs, Gina

  4. Visual eloquence. Thank you for sharing this beautiful message and reminder, my friend. Your beautiful spirit shows in every post you create.


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