Book: A Little Peace


a little peaceThis NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHILDREN’S BOOKS title by Barbara Kerley, A Little Peace, gives a richly evocative and thought-provoking view of the world our children will inherit.

Like the highly acclaimed titles A Cool Drink of Water and You and Me Together, this beautiful book features superb National Geographic images accompanied by a brief, poetic text on a subject of global importance. Near the end of the book a double-page spread offers thumbnail pictures of each photograph presented along with an explanation of where it was taken.

This is a visually stunning book with an important message. The spare, refreshing text winds its way around and through full-color photographs. Each vividly captures the universal emotions and peaceful pursuits of everyday people around the world. A Little Peace offers a vital lesson for children, and indeed all of us, everywhere.

author Barbara Kerley

The author, Barbara Kerley, is a former Peace Corps volunteer in Nepal and now lives in northern California with her husband and daughter. Her website is She wrote this book with a conviction that we each can make a difference: “I believe that peace doesn’t just rest in the hands of politicians and world leaders. We all have the power to make the world more peaceful.”

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    We do indeed have such awesome power. Thank you for the reminder, Gina!


    terrific and powerful


    I’m always looking for meaningful new children’s books for my nephew – who is just learning to read. This one sounds like a perfect Christmas gift. Thanks for the tip!


      Isn’t it lovely? I am so glad you enjoyed learning about it here and I am certain it will be a pleasure for you both as you share it with him. Thanks Jan! Hugs, Gina