Book: What Does Peace Feel Like?

what does peace feel like

What Does Peace Feel Like?

Through simple words and pictures, this thought-provoking book suggests some interesting answers to the question, “What does peace feel like?”.

The author opens with children, adults, and one dog saying “peace” in different languages and ends with a listing of nearly 200 of them from around the globe. In between, his signature style on double-paged spreads asks how peace smells, looks, sounds, tastes, and feels.

The vibrant paintings work well with the text, created by Radunsky and a group of eight- to ten-year-old children from The Ambrit International School in Rome. Peace looks “like a cat and a dog curled up together in a basket,” it sounds “like everyone’s heart beating, making one big sound together” and it tastes “like your favorite food times two.”

Perfect for sharing with children of all ages who will want to share their own visions of peace with each other, this is a soothing remedy to headlines of war and terrorism.

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ISBN: 0-689-86676-3
ISBN-13: 978-0689866760
Page count: 24 pages
Publisher: Anne Schwartz/Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Oct 26 2004)

About the Author – Vladimir Radunsky has illustrated many wonderful books, including ‘The Maestro Plays’ by Bill Martin Jr and Woody Guthrie’s ‘Howdi Do’. The children whose quotes appear in this book all attend The Ambrit International School in Rome. This is their first book.

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  1. if we approached all values in this complete way, everyday in school and at home we would absolutely develop the emotional intelligence necessary for a bright and sustainable future!

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