I Dreamt About Doves


I dreamt about doves today

Swirling, nearly blown away

By winds that threaten peaceful ways

doveWinds that blow, but not always


In my dream I saw them strive

To dip, and swoop, and stay alive

I saw that though they might look frail

These small white birds could stand the gale


With strong hearts they rode the storm

They used the air to transform

This ever rising threat to peace

To help us humans to release


doveIn my dream I saw them land

At last they settled on the sand

With boughs of olive in their beaks

They sought out humans whom peace seeks


These beacons had ridden out the gales

Made it through for hope prevails

Brought to us the proof of peace

That warring factions may release

Their hold on hatred, false beliefs

doveAnd gazed at me, a snow-white dove

A beacon, messenger, bringing love

I woke amidst a fluttered sound

I felt I floated off the ground

I pondered how peace does exist

I knew it wasn’t just a wish

I felt deep love for humankind

I know peace now is rightly timed.


Copyright © 2012 Professions For PEACE 

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    Absolutely beautiful, Gina!


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    I especialy love this one, Gina. Not just the message, but how beautifully you shared it!



    a beautiful dream and beautiful poem…sigh…I know peace now is rightly timed.


    Simply beautiful. It was such a treat to read this.


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    Love this poem from Professions for Peace. Thought many of you might like it too!


    Quite beautiful. Thank you


    I always dream about conflicts, but I hope I’ll get a dream of peace sometime. Nice poem.


    Amazing and wonderful!!!


    Thanks to Karen for reblogging. Lovely poem. Peace!