On November 11th and Every Day


Lest We Forget. Thank You Veterans.


An amazing one-minute military tribute ~ short and powerful.

Native American Military Pow-Wow ~ again short and amazing.

Three and a half minutes of music, commentary, and poetry. Lovely!

Powerful montage to the touching song by Mark Knopfler “Remembrance Day”

11 responses to On November 11th and Every Day


    wonderful collection. hats off to all of those who put our country in front of their own needs. z


    Thank you, Gina. I only had time to listen and see one of these so far, as I’m on my way to a Veteran’s Day Parade, but plan to enjoy the rest later today.My Father-In-Law is one of many being honored today. He is not able to walk the route so will be driven in a car. With nephew serving in Afghanistan and a son in the military and likely to be assigned somewhere overseas in a few months, today and this parade have even deeper meaning for me. May the world yet learn that fighting FOR each other instead of against each other yields far better results for nearly everyone involved, especially the cobatants and their families.



      Hello my friend, I am so grateful you took some time to visit and comment here on such an important day. Today I am thinking of and giving thanks for all who have served and are serving, and will send a special prayer to you and all your family. Be well, and thank you so much for this comment.
      With deep gratitude, Gina


    Your post does signify the sheer love you hold for all these wonderful folks who are willing to die for you and me. Loved the pictures.



    I just added a piece written by my aunt…her memories of England and White Cliffs of Dover in WWII. She now lives at a Veteran’s Home… 96 years old and still writing.


    Thanks for this wonderful post.