“Say A Little Prayer” by JJ Brown

tall poppiesYou don’t have to believe in war,

I don’t want you to choose a side, 

Where I came from doesn’t matter,

When I wear these stars and stripes.

I am just somebody’s father,

Fighting to get back home,

Or maybe I’m somebody’s daughter,

Dreaming of a family of my own.

I’m so afraid of dying…

If I’m dying here alone.


Say a little prayer because you want to,

Say a little prayer ‘cause you care,

Say a little prayer ‘cause I need you,

Let me know that you’re still there…

I need a little faith…

Could you say a little prayer for me?


When I find my way back to you……


~written by J.J. Brown


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Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

10 thoughts on ““Say A Little Prayer” by JJ Brown”

  1. This song is a wake up call of what I should of done all alone. I’m happy to say JJ’s song had a message that said it all. Thanks JJ for this beautiful gift of love through your song and I will say a prayer.

    1. I have been looking forward to you seeing this one, you songwriting man! I feel this artist has a really good heart and a lovely talent, and am happy you could share in this. Thanks so much for visiting, my friend. Hugs, Gina

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