My poem about “Giving Thanks”



 An original poem by Gina ~ © Professions For PEACE


For me Thanksgiving is more than one day;

It’s a feeling, a knowing, and a way

Of living with gratitude all year long,

For life and a world where we belong.

I believe there are no accidents

I am grateful for my circumstance.

Constant lessons to foster my growing

Ever new ways to increase my knowing;

Helping me learn how to know what is real

Helping me know how to show what I feel.


In spite of the chaos I see I still find

I am grateful to be on Earth at this time!

I enjoy understanding new information,

That helps me along with my transformation

Into someone ever more fully alive,

And rich with belief of the pure light inside.

I know I have so much to be thankful of,

And I show my thanks by expressing love;

Life, Love and Light are some of my blessings

All year long I am grateful for these things.


Copyright © 2000-2012 Professions For PEACE


While I do feel it year round, I often feel the strongest pull of gratitude in my heart during this autumn season we’re now enjoying in the northern hemisphere. As I enjoy the changing colours, the brisk temperatures, and the pleasant tasks of raking leaves and making stews, I give thanks for so many things. For the warm home I enjoy and will never take for granted. For the warm coats in the closet and good winter tires on my car. For my slow-cooker and nearby grocery store letting me make comforting meals for my loved ones. And for this life that I am gifted with every day. My heart calls out “Thank You God!”  In Canada we celebrate our thanksgiving on the second Monday in October, my friends and relatives in the US celebrate thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November, and my friends in the UK and other places overseas do not observe an official thanksgiving. For me this is a perfect reason for sharing about the subject of gratitude lately. It is not something we wait for October or November or any other ‘official’ time to acknowledge. It is something we need to carry in our hearts every day of every season. Giving thanks. Thanks giving. Every day.


Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

44 thoughts on “My poem about “Giving Thanks””

  1. Thank you, Gina! That was a wonderful way to remind everyone as to the power and value of gratitude. I’m grateful that you show up in my life in such a big way!

  2. I share your feelings about the pleasures of autumn, and have enjoyed all your writing about the importance of thankfulness. The ability to transcend everyday problems and to truly appreciate the wonders of life and the universe are essential qualities which many of us lack. Your reminders to take some time to reflect on these things in order to create better selves and a better world are much appreciated. G

    1. Your visits and comments always mean so much Gary. Thank you! It is in the mundane and everyday problems where I find the greatest solace, if I but look. I am so glad you appreciate my musings. It truly means a lot. ~Gina

  3. Beautiful sentiments, Gina. You’re right, we should be thankful every day and not just on given days in the year. I’m glad you’re back on the blogosphere to share these inspirations with us. 🙂

  4. I loved your poem, Gina. I’m so grateful for you, dear friend. I agree, that Thanksgiving is best done as a daily practice. And I also love the holiday here in the U.S. We often go to a dear friend’s house for dinner on that day and I like to ask everyone at the table to mention one thing for which they’re grateful. Everyone seems to enjoy that. Hugs, Cathy

    1. Hello Cathy! I love that tradition of going around the table and sharing what we’re grateful for. There is something so special about saying it out loud around others… even if it starts out serious and ends up becoming more lightweight (especially with young ones, about the toys they like). How wonderful to open the discussion, so to speak. Thanks, as always, for your delightful comments my friend. Your support means so much. Hugs, Gina

      1. Thank you, Gina! I love seeing your comments in my Notifications. I have been very busy today. Did you know that I got FRESHLY PRESSED today? I’ve been commenting and responding to so many wonderful bloggers! Just wanted you to know so you could celebrate with me! Love you, Cathy

          1. Thank you, dear Gina. It’s quite an honor and I’ve had a lot of fun today (over 700 views). But it really is about you and all of my friends who have been so wonderful. I was FP’d for Ode to the Blogosphere which is really a tribute to my wonderful friends who I would never have met had I not started blogging. So thank you…

            1. Ah dear Cathy, your genuine humility shows me how true to your journey you are! You are one of those beautiful yet rather rare individuals who truly know how to ‘walk their talk’. You are indeed living from your Large Self and not the small self too many get caught up in amidst this busy world. All good things will continue to come your way, dear heart. Much love and respect for you Cathy, from your admiring friend Gina

  5. Oh my, Gina. Your gratitude is so contagious. I love reading all of your posts, and miss you when you don’t. Seriously, your blog is such an amazing discovery that I’ll never take for granted. Thanks for sharing the bliss and abundance.

    1. Hello Erika! Thank you, dear heart, always for your kindness shared through your comments. Your visits mean so much and please know that as I work on attaining balance between ‘life’ and ‘blogging’ my delays in replying do not reflect how much you mean to me. You are a gem! Thanks again Erika. Big hugs, Gina 🙂

  6. Hello Gina,

    I really liked your poem and your post and I appreciate the thought and meaning/intent behind it. It’s a great message/reminder. Thanksgiving (like Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day and Independence Day and Memorial Day and of course Christmas) deserves much more than one day. They deserve to be(come) deeply internalized and deeply held/cherished beliefs and values.

    Gratitude / appreciation to me represents a very deliberate and systematic approach to life. Trying to be (or remain) open to the difficult moments, on the one hand, and trying to not take the comfortable or ordinary moments for granted. Gratitude (again, to me) is not just a feeling, it’s a virtue, and a state of mind–a way of perceiving events and situations and relationships and people–an attitude, a way of thinking about what we see and encounter. It can be enhanced and deepened with training, with taking it up and practicing it deliberately and systematically as one would any new discipline or pursuit or hobby or sport.

    Thanks again for sharing a very thoughtful post and a great reminder as well as a great poem!

    Kindest regards,


    1. Hello John! What a wonderful comment you’ve shared here. Beautifully wise and thought provoking. Worthy of a post in and of itself! Please know that in working to maintain balance in my life (a wee bit of a challenge for me) I do spend time away from signing on, so that is the only reason for my delay in responding.
      Your points are so valid on the significance of certain ‘days’ or celebrations to instead become internalized as an approach to life, and not be taken for granted. It is so true that anyone can enhance and develop these good habits of mind with training and practice. We can learn to SEE the good all around us. We really have SO much to be grateful for. Every day. More than most know.
      I am delighted that you enjoyed this post of mine about thanksgiving being ‘more than one day’. Your kind comment warms my heart and means so much.
      Until later, with gratitude and blessings,

  7. I love your poem! I also appreciate your recent blogs about honoring Veterans. This is a great time of year to remember all those who have sacrificed for us. Thank you for the reminders!

    1. Hello Karen! Yes I also think this time of Thanksgiving and Remembrance/Veteran’s Day is a great time to be grateful for those who give so much for us all. I will always remember. Thank you so much for your visit and kind comment. Hugs, Gina

  8. Happy Daily Thanksgiving, Gina. I love your poem. This time of the year, when the focus is on the attitude of gratitude and hearts are opened to loving one another and are more prone to expressing thanks, I am especially mindful of my many blessings. I am grateful to folks like you who share the Attitude. God bless you!

    1. Happy Daily Thanksgiving to you as well dear heart! From a delightful poet such as yourself, I am humbled and grateful for your praise! Yes it is good to know others who share the attitude of gratitude 🙂 Warm hugs and heartfelt blessings to you Jan. Love, Gina

  9. Beautiful poem. Yes…everyday is thanksgiving-minus the turkey. 🙂 Thank you for this beautiful post.

    1. Thank you for sharing, and yes – minus the turkey. I have not gone fully vegetarian (it’s baby-steps and helping my family go meatless a bit more each week) but at least I go to a local place that offers free-range. Battery-places need to be outlawed. Great to hear from you! 🙂 Thanks!

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