Kindness from kids of all ages

Pay It ForwardI am inspired by this kindness movement from the foundation known as RAK for short: Random Acts of Kindness. By promoting kindness, role-modelling kindness, and cheering on kindness, I believe we can all make a difference towards a more inclusive and peaceful world. Here are three inspiring videos that in only a few minutes display the healing properties of kindness, presented from the viewpoint of students in elementary school, high school, and college. And each of these acts of kindness continue to ripple outward. Let’s get inspired and help keep the kindness movement going forward!


Random Acts of Kindness Foundation ~ three short videos:

Elementary School Students:
From students, to parents, to principals the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s pilot education program is inspiring kindness throughout Colorado schools. Learn how their workshops, lesson plans and student initiatives are making an impact. 3:18  minutes.


High School Students:
Peggy Filer & The Random Acts of Kindness club at Cedarcrest High School are among three winners of The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s Extreme Kindness Challenge! See how this club, lead by one special woman, is inspiring kindness throughout the Duvall, Washington community. 3:23 minutes.


College Students:
In this promotional video for the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation college students share simple lessons in kindness. 2:46 minutes.


RAK ~ Random Acts of Kindness on Facebook

RAK ~ Random Acts of Kindness website

This amazing non-profit foundation has put so much time and effort into their incredible website and it is just waiting for you to visit and browse. By clicking “Kindness Ideas” you are brought to 26 pages of ideas, with ones like these on the first page:


~Clean up graffiti
~Donate used books to a library
~Give care-packs to the homeless
~Give the elderly the gift of music
~Help a child learn
~Help someone for free
~Help someone whose car is broken down
~Help someone with yard work
~Hold the door for someone
~Let someone go in line in front of you
…and these are just the first page’s headers! Each idea has an introduction and the option to click a link to read more!

I heart KindnessTheir link of Stories will brighten your heart with joy (and very likely your eyes with tears) as regular people share their own personal experiences of both offering and receiving acts of kindness. Also they encourage feedback and stories from all of us with their easy form, for sharing your kindness stories!

Click this link to visit their YouTube Channel and view all the videos that they’ve uploaded. Be prepared to be inspired!

Author: Gina Day

I enjoy gathering uplifting things for sharing, with hopes of brightening the day.

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    Nobody is too young or old for kindness. In never goes out of style. Be kind and chek out this post about it. Truly inspiring. Thanks Gina for sharing RAK (random act of kindness web page).

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    I adore the Foundation of RAK: Random Acts of Kindness. Therefore I wanted to share this post again. It is worth a revisit as we enter a new year and contemplate how we too can participate in random acts of kindness. Let these children help show us how easy it is!

  3. Love these videos! On the first video, the man said something like, “You can’t chart kindness, but we all know there is a difference.” Selflessness! That is what we need. Thank you for posting these uplifting videos, especially in the wake of the Connecticut massacre.

    1. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed these, as I do. Yes we can all offer selflessness. I have to focus on hope and the good that IS happening, so this group and the work they are doing cheer my heart. As do you with your kind comment! 🙂

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